2018 Lasuth past Questions for Medlab


Lasuth question was theory suprise suprise,prt one over
It comprises of the whole lab questions

what is anaemia
Types of anaemia
Define sop
Wat is blood donor procedure
Diff questions for each labs
Under micro malaria questions
Disfectant, sterilization, bacteriostatic
Histo fixation prtocedure
Principles of oxidase, citrate, coagulase🙄🙄🙄
Causes of wrong diagnosis in (lab point)
Why doing embalming?
Types of fixation and examples of named fixations

What is blood sugar, bilirubin, tests done, disease caused
What is ppe, the procedure or protocols of ppe
Omo!! Na cracking head questions
Tests done in malaria for microbiology
Protein in urine talk about it
Types of proteins
Tests done in protein


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