Army Reference hospital Questions for 2019


Current affairs 50 questions.

1. Who is the governor of borno state?
2. Who gave Nigeria it’s name?
3. Who founded the first political party in Nigeria?
4. What country is kilimanjaro in?
5. What countries are mount everest in…….and……
6. What is the longest river in the world?
7. What is the longest river in Africa?
8. Who designed the Nigeria flag?
9. Who is the chief of army staff?
10. Who is chief of defence staff?
11. Name 4 states affected by the boko haram insurgency.
12. In what year did sawyer bring ebola into Nigeria?
13. Who was the 1st female vice chancellor in Nigeria?
14. Who is the director medical of NARHY?
15. Who was the 1st military head of state?
16. When is democracy day?
17. How many states did their gobernotorial election this year?
18. What states are yet to do their gobernotorial election?
19. What is the biggest city in the world?
20. What is the smallest continent in the world?
21. Who won the 2019 AFCON?
22. Where is the headquarters of FIFA located?
23. Who is the deputy senate president?
24. Who is the IGP of police?
25. Who is the governor of CBN?
26. Who is the director general of UN?
27. What is the capital of central Africa?
28. Who was the former governor of Gambia who was dethroned by ECOWAS?
29. Who was the 1st president of Nigeria?
30. When did Nigeria become a Republic nation?
31. When was the 1st executive election in Nigeria?
32. When did the last presidential election hold in Nigeria?
33. When was President Donald Trump sworn in?
34. Name the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria
35. What is the full meaning of:
36. Name 5 countries that have been banned by Donald Trump 4rm entering USA.
37. Name 3 countries that share border with Nigeria
38. What does the Eagle on the Nigerian coat of arms signify?
39. What do the horses on the Nigerian coat of arms signify?
40. Who is the president of West African Union?
41. Who is the chief justice of Nigeria?
42. When was the last centenary celebrated in Nigeria?
43. In what year was HIV first discovered in Nigeria?
44. What was the 1st capital of Nigeria?
45. Where was the 1st story building built in Nigeria?
46. How many house of rep members are there?


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