About Us

~Nigerian Prospective Medical Interns is an online
Organization which encompasses different fields within the medical
profession.These fields include: Medical Doctors,Nurses,Pharmacists,Dietitians,Dental Surgeons, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Medical laboratory scientists,
Radiographers and Dental Technologists.

~It is a known fact that EVERYONE in the aforementioned
fields MUST undergo a compulsory ONE YEAR Internship/Housemanship programmes
before being fully allowed to practice singly.

~However, we discovered that there is a VACUUM that exists
when we freshly graduate from our various Institutions of Learning.

This is the VACUUM of PAUCITY of INFORMATION. We don’t
easily get adequate information on various hospitals advertising, interviews
dates and results etc.

As a result of this vacuum that exists, some of us stay
longer than we should at home seeking for job, sometimes a year or two years or
even engaging in a stressful ‘Medical Tourism for Internship’.

.~Another vacuum that does exist is that most persons in
some fields are not aware of hospitals accredited for their internship and so
do not know where to apply not to talk of getting the job.

~As we all know, ‘INFORMATION IS POWER’!, Hence, the
introduction of this greatly envied group into Nigeria with the purpose of
‘BRIDGING THE GAP’ that has been created intentionally or unintentionally by
our ‘[email protected] THE TOP’

~It is a group of Prospective Medical Interns encompassing
intellectuals(those trained here and abroad)in the medical profession  who are seeking internship or house job
placement in Nigerian Hospitals.We are available on Nairaland, Whatsapp and
Facebook social media.

~We work as a TEAM in BRIDGING THE GAP by sharing valuable
information on :

1.Accredited Hospitals for internship /Housemanship in  Nigeria.

2.Various Hospitals currently advertising for
internship/Housemanship opportunities in Nigeria.

3.Dates of Interviews.

4.Results of Interviews/Successful Interns.

We aim with the help of ALMIGHTY GOD and you to keep you
abreast and bring you speedily to your expected internship destination as you
make informed choices and hustle for it.

Anthony Nnolum a.k.a Dela vega-0806 069 3882

MaryDoris Nwandu a.k.a Bosslady- 07033426782

Okeke Ikechukwu Promise-08169210470

Eleonu Uche a.k.a rex- 0814 459 9879

Chukwuemeka Roosevelt Ekeh a.k.a Emoney.  – 08065011429

Adekoya Ackorede a.k.a Tonasibe 08072804515

Ijeoma Akogwu a.k.a Ejecks-07062631043

Signed: Group Admins.