Questions in Chemical Pathology

1. Which of the following result shows renal impairment? a. urea 9 mmol b. creatinine 10 umol/l c. urates d. cholesterol e. urine osmolarity less...

NAUTH Past Question papers. Contd

Source : Dr jude onyenakazi. 

Preparatory practice questions in chemical pathology.

1. Regarding excretion of Na+  a. Not dependent on aldosterone. b. Major share of GF osmolarity with associated ions. c. It passively diffuses in...

Chemical Pathology MCQ

BLOOD GASES, PH AND ELECTROLYTES. 1. PO2 (or gases) is measure in which unit. A. Mmol b. Umol c. MmHg 2. Acidemia is associated with . 3.To correct...

​Chemical Pathology MCQ

Courtesy: Dr.Ehab Fathy Gabr Aboueladab (PhD in Biochemistry). Associate Prof.Dr. of Biochemistry, Damietta University, Faculty of Specific Education Damietta, New Damietta City, P.O.Box.34517, Egypt Body...

NAUTH Past Questions

Courtesy of Dr jude onyenakazi. 

Upth Commonly Asked Questions and Some of the Answers

Current affairs questions UPTH (mostly mcq s and current affairs 1. Current Minister of Health- Answer- Prof Isaac Adewole 2. Current Chief Medical director of UPTH Answer- Prof...



Garki Hospital Abuja Examination Questions

Garki Hospital Abuja Examination Questions which was  written on 23/6/2016 1) Most common form of arthritis is? A. Rheumatoid arthritis B. Psoriatic arthritis C. Seronegative arthritis D. Osteoarthritis 2) Which...

Residency Examination Questions At National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu

1.when was the first year USA presidential election coincided with Olympic game........... 2.who is d highest Olympic medalist.................. and how many medals as at 2012 3.what...

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