Life After Medical School 2


Which establishment calls a fellow to come take a rejection letter? Your answer is as good as mine. I was rejected and was given proof with the letter.

As disappointing as this might sound there was a funny twist to it, I learnt the pang of rejection, I had been rejected by ladies I asked on dates, I had been rejected by several other carnal things (not your business what they are), but never have I been rejected for a cause so dear to my heart as my course of study. I was near tempted to rebuke the devil and raise up a standard against enemies in high places, but there was this ever calm voice just at the base of it all, speaking peace, speaking life and assurance to my heart.

Child of God, this day was the day I felt God very real in my life, it was as though He gathered the fragments of my being and secured it in His harness of assurance. I felt rejected but not sad, I knew God had not designed me to be here at such a time as this. I might have to wait a bit more, but this Doctor was ready for the long haul, I had to call those I had shared the story with to tell them it was a rejection letter. They must’ve sympathised with me, but I had to set the record straight, one key way to know a man who has turned back in the faith is when that man keeps up appearances.

When he refuses to tell people the truth about the new developments, nothing was wrong with telling them in faith that I had gotten a letter, but I ought to tell them the new development. If I did not tell them, they might hear about an opening and not tell me because they believe I had already gotten one.

A friend from the board called me and encouraged me, he told me to wait a while till they advertise that year (over 8 months from this time). I almost said “God forbid, how would I wait for 8 months;
sir, I like you but you don’t wish me well”. I left that place and hoped for the best. Friend, I did have to wait for the 8 months.

I took a bus down to DELSUTH, nobody needed to tell me I was off divine plan, the trip was from one hurdle to another. The road to DELSUTH was terrible for me, I knew there was no way I could be in this place for internship (no offence, If its any consolation; I love DELSUTH, but my spirit rejected it
for me, as it rejected some other centres as well).

I got into the main building complex and got lost for first impression, then managed to find my way back to the administrative building.

Immediately, I entered the office I was to visit, the staff there told me I was too late and I had no chance of meeting the list. But for good measure, he took my application, I was all smiles because I had acquired a letter from a top man in Government, I was carnally assured in my mind that something good would happen here. Till today 2 years on, I did not receive a text message from DELSUTH for exams or rejection, despite my high powered letter.

After this period, there was a drought of intern application openings and I had to stay put at my
voluntary job. It was not a very pleasant time, but I stuck with it and served God as best as I can. God is not only in the forward or backward, God is in the stillness.
“Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.
Psalm 46:10 (K.J.V)”

This was what I tried to do all those months at voluntary service-being still. But when I heard
another story about my friends getting a placement when they took a daring journey to Northern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria started looking like the place to be for people like me. Scripture says in the mouth of two witnesses it is established, that was how two of my very dear friends travelled to Kaduna and with no effort they got placements. Yours sincerely was set as a flint, Northern Nigeria

Here I come.

Let me laugh a bit here…
This was about the most daring and heart racing trip for me, I had been to Abuja a few times, but
across to Kano was not a regular for me, my parents would not hear of it. They were not happy with it, talk more of my uncles and aunties, to them signifying interest to go to Kano for an exam is tantamount to living there forever. I just wanted to go to a neutral centre, write the exam and see my name on a list first of all. At least this would give me assurance that there was nothing wrong
with me. Some points we must note is this;

1) I did not send an application letter to AKTH.
2) I am a tongue speaking, fire brand Christian whose heart beats for Northern Nigeria missions. So I
had no intention of keeping quiet if I got to Kano-evangelism all the way.
3) I did not have more than #2000 to my name as at that time, the wallet was very dry.
4) I had no single connection to any body to stay with at AKTH.
5) The fellows at AKTH were not sure what day the exam would hold, mere speculations. Which they
claimed was a regular with them.

That Sunday a friend of mine, in same predicament as I was visited me and said we have to leave for Kano, I checked my Spirit compass and it was okay with any trip I took at that time, I had the assurance that God would be with me on this trip. And that was how I left home for Kano without my wallet (No ATM, no ID CARD). The bus we boarded was a night bus, the experience in the bus is astory for another day.

We got to AKTH and God blessed us with an intern who agreed to accommodate us for the period, He provided food for us and comfort. He shared inspiring stories of people who got into AKTH with stories such as ours (they gate crashed on the exam and were taken still), we expected very few people to come as this place was so far out the normal range.

Child of God, it was as though everyone in Nigeria thought that other people would not come, so we all came. Everyone all suited up, over 300 people at AKTH, We heard stories that we would not even be up to a 100 people and they would start looking for people, this intel was wrong this year. They had more than enough, and they went a bit overboard this year. They requested that those who
were not officially invited, to stay outside. I was outside the exam hall after taking the long trip and sacrifice. We were allowed in after begging, no one needed to tell us we were just allowed in and would have no stake here. After this experience, We went to the post-office and posted applications to the deeper North (Gombe, Maiduguri). And God helped us back to base.

I visited amazing centers, met great people, had life changing interviews as I was brought face to
face with the near hopeless situation of a First generation medical doctor.

As I travelled, God kept teaching me about the waiting period and how to trust in His spoken
promises prior to this time. At regular intervals I had to remind myself that God has not brought me thus far to drop me along the way, I had to remind myself that God has been good thus far and has not changed from being good, despite the pangs of this period. Seeing I was living on Gods grace, I decided to make friends with medical officers and consultants in my voluntary work place. Every
time they came and realised I was a volunteer, some sympathised, some empathised with me and a lot of them encouraged me. Some even gave me small upkeep money to maintain myself.

HMB Delta state (2)
I was without an internship placement until HMB advertised for internship placement that year, my friend who promised to tell me about the advert over 8 months ago called me and told me about it, He meant good for me after all. I purchased the form and awaited the day for the exam.

The day came and like an army of ants people were all over the place; suffice to say H.M.B required just about 30 people. How would I be chosen among this multitude ? Socialising with people, I got to find out I was about older than some people post-induction, but God would have to help me.

Prior to the interview, my C.M.D at my voluntary work place had instructed me to remind him when the exam was close. I reminded him and he gave me a hand written letter to the commissioner of Health of the state. I had no idea what was in the letter, but I took that letter and went to the commissioners office, sat there for a long time-did not really matter how long I sat, I had nothing else to do-He arrived, I was ushered into his office, I introduced myself and handed the letter to him.

He read through it and said to me, make sure you pass the exam.
We sat for the written exam, a few of us passed it and moved on for the orals, I was among those
who made it to orals. The exam was concluded and Yours sincerely went back home to resume at my volunteer work. I resumed at work and spent another 2 weeks in limbo. One day as I was going to work, people started congratulating me on the internship group on WhatsApp, I had no idea what that was all about. Until someone gave me the gist, My name was on the list of fresh recruits of house officers for H.M.B Delta state. Praise the Lord, He indeed brings it to pass.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until
the day of Jesus Christ: Philippians 1:6 (K.J.V).

I have finished my house job for a while now, I was able to run a diploma programme in Theology concurrently with my hectic house job, but as I look back on those periods of waiting, the stress and fears don’t really matter now. It is the lessons I learnt and the things I became in the waiting that has stayed fresh in my heart.

Maybe you are like me who has been waiting, repeating exams, failing some and repeating a level, I want to encourage you with this truth;
You would finish as a medical doctor, you would complete your internship, you would be done with Youth service, you would write your primaries, get into your Specialty of choice and reach the apex of your specialty as a Consultant. This is the word of God.

Never get so bothered about your present unpleasant predicament that it becomes a crippling condition for your life, when you get past it, of which you will. It would not matter one bit as it is seeming to matter now. It would merely be the road to your great heights.

“Ad Astra Per Aspera”

Yours in Caring for the whole man.
Clinton Okonye.
Remain blessed…


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post and the encouragement. God bless you.
    Please I’ll like to ask a question, can we get a post regarding how to prepare and important things to study for housejob placement Exams. I know different hospitals have their own ways but I’ll like to know the common things to expect for the written and oral exams. Thank you.


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