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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Dan Nugget Thursday *Leptin is a mediator of long-term regulation of energy balance, suppressing food intake and thereby inducing weight loss.  *Leptin tells people when they’re full by signaling the brain that the body has had enough to eat, producing a feeling of satiety.  *It is involved with controlling metabolism and appetite.  An extremely small proportion of the population is born without the...


​ *MONDAY DAN NUGGET*  Constipation is common, especially among people taking opioid analgesics *Effect on nutritional status:* Loss of appetite * Decreased dietary intake * Weight loss *Counsel client to:* * Choose high-fiber foods  *Drink plenty of fluids * Keep physically active if you are able  * Avoid or limit gas-forming foodsand beverages HAVE A NICE DAY! *Maduforo Aloysius RDN*


Dan Nugget * Refeeding syndrome is a metabolic complication that occurs when nutritional support is given to severely malnourished patient  * It results from overly aggressively feeding patients who are severely malnourished or who haven't eaten in a long period of time * Results in a shift of potassium and phosphorus into the body's cells for ATP production, resulting in electrolyte imbalance *...

Update on Eparcel for Juth, fmc birninkudu and NAUTH And on-going applications 

Good day great medical interns, we have successfully submitted the first and second  batch for Nauth applications.Nauth applications is still on and that of fetha too. The last day of submission using our Eparcel for NAUTH is on the 15th of September.  By  Gods grace Applications for fmc Birnin kudu was submitted on  thursday 8th September   which happens to be the...


God's chosen and Nick....At Luth 22/10/2016 Dr Vware and God's chosen.....At Luth for their interview. 22/10/2016 From the left; Ejecks, Dr Ojone(from Group4), Bosslady and Lyndi... For an interview at Unth 5/9/16 From the left; Dr Ojone(Group4), Ejecks, Lyndi and IN RI Springrose and Dr VMware....Somewhere in Enugu 6/9/16 Lyndi, Dr Vware, Bosslady, Deus Machina, Cy and Henry.... For an interview at UNTH.5/9/16 Ejecks, Ada...

Do you know anyone with Hernia

The federal teaching hospital abakaliki informs the general public with suspested cases of hernia to report at the social work department so as to register their names for free surgery treatment

Update on Juth

​You are hereby invited for an interview scheduled to take place as follows: Date: Thur, 15th to Fri, 16th September, 2016 Place: Jos University Teaching Hospital, Lamingo, Jos Time: 9:00am Please bring along originals of your credentials and writing materials, the interview is both written and oral. You are expected to pay ? 2,000.00 processing fee a day before the interview. For houseofficers. Nb:...

Happy world physical therapy Day

Happy world physical therapy Day.A big shout out to all physiotherapists in the house. 

Missing item

Pls we need ur help, one of us Onyemara Jessica misplaced her original credentials at Unth ituku ozalla today,  I wish u could help  in case anyone saw it. Pls let us know. Thanks. Jessica the lady who lost her documents in unth has found her missing documents, special thanks to everyone who helped we appreciate your efforts. Thanks for your...