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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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​Medical Laboratory Scientists are hereby advised that they renew their license.

​Medical Laboratory Scientists are hereby advised that renewal for 2016 licenses closes on 30th of September, 2016.   Consequently, any Medical Laboratory Scientist who does not pay his or her 2016 practicing license fee by 30th September, 2016 will pay penalty of 200% as from October 1st, 2016.   MANAGEMENT

Clinical Chemistry Past Questions.

  1.  Which of the following result shows renal impairment? a. urea 9 mmol b. creatinine 10 umol/l c. urates d. cholesterol e. urine osmolarity less than 800 after 12 hrs of water deprivation.   2). Low GFR occurs in all except: a. Congestive heart failure. b. Urethral obstruction c.dehydration d.hemorrhage     3.Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by all except: a. Hypocholesterolemia. b. Hypoalbuminemia. c. Albuminuria. d. Hypertriglyceridemia. e. None of the above     4.Ureate excretion by the kidney is inhibited...

Passion or Career??? Have I missed it?

​Hello everyone, I've had this question running through my mind for a while now and I'll appreciate honest responses from you all. Have you ever woken up after your medical degree to discover that you are multi passionate about other fields other than that you've studied? Can it termed confusion, midlife crisis, creativity overdose or the outcome of depression? What will you...

Health Care Training, Crucial to Development — JAFAD

​Qualitative healthcare training acquired with good morals and culture of international best practices has been said to be pivotal to achieving excellence in health care delivery system in the country.   The Coordinator, Jafad College of Health Technology, Mr. Gbenga Awolowo, said this in a statement announcing the readiness of the school to commence full operations and admission of its first...

​Alert!: Fake Quinine Sulphate in circulation, FG warns Nigerians

The Federal Government has stepped up vigilance within the drug supply chains in the country on the circulation of two confirmed falsified versions of Quinine Sulphate. A statement said the Federal Ministry of Health received a medical alert that the two falsified drugs contain zero active pharmaceutical ingredients. The statement signed by Mrs Boade Akinola, Director, Media and Public...

Photos: 7-year-old boy suffers from rare skin disorder that is turning his hands and feet into “trees”

​ Ripon Sarker is suffering from a rare skin condition caused by human papillomaviruses, an infection which results in the growth of scaly warts. The 7-year-old boy from Bangladeshi, who was first affected when he was only three months old was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for treatment for the first time on August 20, as his family were too...

Malnutrition silent killer of under five children in Nigeria. 

​Nigeria is blessed with varieties of foods, but perhaps the case of the Nigerian child and malnutrition is like someone staying in the middle of the sea, yet dying of thirst.    This is underscored by a recent report by the Federal Ministry of Health which stated that “Every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women...

Update on plateau state specialist hospital

​Plateau state specialist would soon call for interview .(Houseofficers) if you havent submitted do well to submit your credentials there. From the desk of chukwudera levison. 

Aminu kano teaching hospital just sent text 

​As one of d successful candidate, U r invited to come for medical exams  Friday 26th or Monday 29th August, 16. Meet me; Mubarak @ d Admin block of AKTH. by 9am prompt. Come along with 2 passport photograph.Regards.congratulations to those who made it.