​NARD laments crisis in Jos University Teaching hospital


NARD laments crisis in Jos University Teaching hospital

By Golok Nanmwa, Jos

President of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Dr. Chinaka Ugochukwu has expressed disappointment in the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Prof. Edmund Banwat, for shunning the association.

According to Ugochukwu, the CMD was informed ahead that the leadership of NARD was coming to JUTH at the weekend to find solutions to the lingering crisis raging between CMD and the Association Resident Doctors (ARD) JUTH Chapter.

But he said that knowing that they were coming all the way from Abuja, the CMD left for an undisclosed mission in Abuja sp that he would not receive the delegation.

He led the delegation without any JUTH official, officially mandated to receive them but only for the CMD to send a text message that he had travelled to Abuja.

Ugochukwu said, “It is very unfortunate and disappointing. We came here for peace. He (CMD) was in the know of our coming. But on arriving here, nobody received us. We were told that the CMD had travelled to Abuja.

“I want to tell you all that the national leadership of NARD has registered its dismay and inhuman treatment meted out to us.

We were not satisfied with the situations we saw on ground when we were taken round the JUTH premises. There are massive and gigantic buildings, but unfortunately there are no satisfactory medical services going on in all these edifices. But we believe that these should be improved upon for the people (doctors) who have devoted themselves to the services of humanity,” he lamented.

According to the NARD President, there were reported cases of ugly trends at JUTH and its management which prompted them to come to the hospital to see things for themselves, adding that he had earlier assured the CMD that the national body of the association was going to address the issue and wade in.

“But today, the national body of the association is not happy with the CMD in particular and the management of JUTH. I will not reply to his text. We travelled all the way from Abuja to JUTH. He was is in the know of our coming. I will not say much but you will see actions.

“Again, we are not happy with the sacking of the resident doctors of recent. The JUTH management should withdraw those sack letters. It is not encouraging at all,” he explained.

He assured the JUTH resident doctors that they should continue to fight for their rights, promising them of the support of the national body, adding that the battle will be won in their favour. He said as soon as they finish what they are planning to do, the local branch will inform them.

Ugochukwu was disappointed and worried that there was still the sacking of doctors at JUTH in spite of court injunction to that effect, stressing that it was that court injunction that will form the basis of their action. He told the doctors to support the leadership of their association at JUTH under their president, Dr. Paul Agbo because it is not easy to lead.

“Things are not easy. If they are going wrong, tell them. There are many things the government is depriving you of. We must fight it and win. We are yet to harmonise the number of doctors sacked by the CMD, but there are documents on ground pointing to that. This week, we heard that there are sack letters again.”

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