​Symptoms of Tooth Decay in Toddlers


Tooth decay is one of the most common tooth problems in toddlers. In dental decay, cavities are formed on the outer layer of the tooth. These cavities are formed due to the collapse of hard dental issues which lead to a mild tooth decay. Rarely does tooth decay go unnoticed. If so, it may rupture the surrounding nerves and tissues of the gum.
Cause of Tooth Decay in Children

Bacterial infection is a main cause of tooth decay. Bacteria’s reside on the surface of the tooth and gets it nourishment from the foods and drinks consumed by toddlers. These bacteria produce acids and fluids that may affect the coating of the tooth and a visible change in the colour and texture of the tooth will be easily noticed. The bacterium harms the enamel of the tooth over time and decay becomes inevitable. 

Risk Factors for Tooth Decay
Heredity dental health may impact the toddler’s oral hygiene.

Consumption of sweetened and starchy foods in the form of chocolates or natural sweeteners may increase the risk of tooth decay in your toddler.

If teeth are not brushed regularly, it will lead to tooth and gum damage in a matter of months.

Frequent snacking will increase the amount of time the teeth are in contact with acids; this will lead to tooth decay.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

The intensity of the symptoms may vary from child to child. The symptoms may occur individually or in combinations. The symptoms of tooth decay are enlisted below:
Toddler may face difficulty while chewing or swallowing the food.

A noticeable jaw inflammation may manifest.

Bad breathe may be a result of tooth decay due to plague.

Bleeding while brushing due to hyper sensitivity.

Gum inflammation especially at the root of the tooth.

Pits and holes at the central pit of the tooth.

Spots on the tooth of white, gray, black or brown in colour.

A broken tooth is more susceptible to tooth decay.

Swollen glands may be a sign of tooth decay.

Tartar may irritate the gums leading to gingivitis in toddles if left ignored.

Diagnosis of Tooth Decay

The most obvious sign of tooth decay is hyper sensitivity and tooth ache. However, your toddler may not be able to communicate these issues to you verbally. The parents would need to check for visible signs to monitor and gauge any sign or symptom of tooth decay.#DT. Mgbebu Michael #


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