2017 Interview Questions Hmb Delta (MLS)


It was  just a written  Interview no oral… MCQ

 50 questions, all departments…. MLS

 They said we should check online

 Up to 70 or more

 Hemopoiesis is…., 
 Hormone for erythropoesis, which organ is responsible for the hormone, immature WBC is called…, optochin test is for…., glucose threshold in blood…,

 Urea normal range, pcv is low and creatinine is high which organ is implicated,

 Cholera, possible samples for diagnosis, what part of the virus causes disease, chromosome in male and female .i.e xx and xy how many

 Haemocytometer is used for, what is MCH, how to calculate BMI,

Tissue processing involves, types of sectioning (something like that), what are the basic dyes used in diagnosis, stains for MTB,

 Be conversant with staining procedures in histo

Lipid profile parameters, LFT parameters

Pap  smear is for……

Which culture media is used for MTB

Causative organisms for UTI

 Spec works on the principle of…, anisocytes, poikilocytes..

 All has four options… true or false..

Some has more than one correct answers


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