2017 Interview Questions Hmb Delta (Pharm)


1)Their questions were mostly antiviral

B) Side effects of prothemazine

 Patient has myocardial infarction, which can be used as prophylactic antiarrhythmic drug?


Hmmmm…This prothemazine seems to b a new drug oooh

 Ist line antiviral regimen

 Nah…an antihistamine

Calculation of number of tablets to dispense

Aminoglycoside antibiotic

 Which isn’t a macrolide

Then! Its Prometherzine

 I can’t remember the full question but from 1-50, question on HIV was atleast 10


Which is d new  antiviral drug added to the 2016 national guidelines…

– Which is the treatment regimen (hiv therapy) is not recommended for patient on dialysis? Options: Z+L+ E


‬Zimivudine + lamuvidine+ evirapenz….something like that
‬:Hyperthyroidism can be treated by all the following except?

Mannitol is a mercurial diuretic, true or false

Amidarone is cannot be used to treat arrhythmia, true or false

 yes it is mcq. 

which drug causes osteomalacia and bone pain when administered chrinically

They talked about giving simvustatin to a patient on atenolol. What is your recommendations?

 An antiviral drug not used again due to its numerous side effect?

 Antihypertensive drug that causes rebound effect if stop abruptly

 They asked about 3  questions on a boy that took, promethazine and has alcohol withdrawal syndrome, with history of alcohol abuse

 3 questions on this too

 What affects degree of ionization

 If I remember others, I will let u know.

:It is 50 questions

Some Delta HMB questions asked
-Wch HIV drug was a banned due to its adverse effects?  Stavudine

 -Questions on CHF drugs that are used

 -First line drug in HIV therapy

 -what happens when glucoronic acid is added to a drug?

– what are the Parasympathetic symptoms

 -wch drug can cause Open angle glaucoma

 -what advise should b given to a patient on Simvastatin? what are the common side effects of Simvastatin

 -wch antidepressant should b avoided in closed angle glaucoma -what are d symptoms of promethazine overdose

 -What can be used to Treat alcohol withdrawal -wch antiretroviral should be avoided in Renal failure

 -Amatidine is a __________….(antiviral drug

– Wch drug can cause tinnitus..

-Wch drug is used for multidrug resistant P. falciparum.

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