2017 Questions For Fmc Owo  Houseofficers/Dental Surgery Questions


40 mcqs

5 essays


Ten(10) each for int. Med, Surg, obs n Gynaecology, paediatrics

Part 2 current affairs

1) Name 3 countries recently visited by trump in last 3days. 
2) Capital of N.Korea
3) List 5 francophone countries.
4) List 2 executive orders sijned by buhari recently. 
5) Permanent Sec to Fed Minstry of health. 
Motto for FMC owo.
6) Name 5 state with lassa fever endemic in naija.

7) Technical questions (from the core 4 departments)/ then general knowledge

 Gen knowledge was sub objective.
1). Who is the permanent secretary for ministry of health? 

b. Whats the motto for FMC owo?

2. Name 3 Asian countries donald trump recently visited

3. 6 franchophone countries.

4.  Name 2 executive orders just signed by the federal govt

5. 6 states endemic with Lassa fever.

*6 francophone African countries

Technical questions

O and G

1.Which of this can not be used in diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

2. Which of these is not a medical management of ectopic pregnancy

3. Which of these isn’t a radial surgical procedure in managing ectopic preg.

4. PID includes? 

5. Fibroid can present with? 

6. The following can be seen in severe eclampsia?

7. Focused antenatal care includes?

Its remaining medicine, surgery and paed

FMC Owo dental surgery questions

 List 5 complications of a single tooth implant

 List 3 success criteria for Root canal treatment

 List 10 complications of a simple tooth extraction

List 5 steps to stop post extraction bleeding

Ellis classification of anterior teeth trauma

Then current affairs.

Thanks to all who contributed.


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