Nigeria’s Catholic Bishops Criticize Health Minister Over Plans to Legalize Abortion


​Nigerian Catholic bishops are pushing back against a measure, fueled by outside influences, that they say would legalize abortion in the African nation.


All Africa report the Catholic Bishops Conference in Nigeria issued a strong statement this week against Nigerian Minister of Health Isaac Adewole’s plans to push contraception and encourage abortion. According to the report, Adewole is collaborating with foreign organizations on the plan; however, local news reports did not provide more details about the names or missions of the foreign organizations.


In a communiqué issued at the end of the 3-day second plenary meeting of the province held in Akure, Ondo State on Wednesday, the clerics “condemned the recent move by the Minister of Health, Prof Adewole in collaboration with the foreign agencies to commit the federal government to increasing the culture of contraception and subsequently, abortion among our people.”


The communiqué signed by its President and Archbishop of Ibadan, Gabriel Abegunrin and Secretary, Bishop Felix Ajakaye noted that “the policy is being done all in the name of providing better maternal health and empowering our people.”


The communiqué reads: “We see such moves as deceptive to our people and harmful to moral values and we ask Nigerians to reject them.”


Ajakaye added: “Our youth and women need better power supply, potable water, good roads, better health and educational institutions more than these contraceptives. Our country must reject this relentless offer of anti-life incentives under the guise of foreign aid in order not to destroy our beautiful culture.”


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