Important Tips To Note Before Applying For Internship/Housemanship In Any Hospital or Establishment.


1) Ask yourself these three key questions.
a).What am I Reading? Read everything !! Read anything!!

(Including information about your faith and what you believe in (Trust me once you are done with medical school or school itself , opening a book seems like a crime to oneself because of the way we read, cram and pour . 

Reminder: Count-down to our 2years anniversary may 31st 
Our focus is usually on ways to  make money. Age is no longer on your side because of years spent in school , you begin to think my mates are here ,my mates are there. Some would finally say chai finally I don hit am, after all the resit,repeat and carry overs. 
Oya make we go gather that money and then end up submitting applications upandan.(you would see someone telling you parcel no dey? Yet deep inside your heart ,you are scared for  them not getting a place. Even when you end the parcel service on time due to authentic information from insiders on the situation on ground.  Some know -it-all would want to prove themselves right based on the information you disseminated and tell you what should happen .

B). What is the history of the hospital as regards Internship placement? (This would give you a background information on your chances of getting placement there.(How many persons do they take for each department ,last year and previous years , from my experiences with advertising for Internship Openings. A lot of things changed these year even the Northern hospitals are now  hot Cake 

C).Network a.k.a Conne to avoid shifting cultivation. There are some cases whereby you submit your documents, yet you won’t find your name on the list . It happens  (Do I have anyone that can link me up or help me do my internship in any hospital ), Can I trust the person as regards that matter to avoid being disappointed .
Sometimes you would have someone that can help you,  yet nothing would work out and trust me merit is still in existence and  your time zone too.
2) NETWORK/NETWORTH- When the list for Successful Candidates is out ,that is when you realize that Conne pass Conne.
You begin to See Conne of Covalent Bonding Conne and that of Vaanderwaals forces. A lot of persons have been duped over this matter and most times they don’t pay back and many are not bold enough to come out and say they paid prolly out of guilt or shame .
If you pay , i have no right whatsoever to judge you .
On the realistic part if you know that you know someone that helped you gain placement without money only on the basis of knowing you ,bruh do not be decieved its same as paying for slot if we are trying to be fair and true to ourselves .

Life is funny 

Lastly , to him that wants to pay, make sure it’s the right source. Don’t waste the lil money you have  and to him that has the right connect wehdone sirs and mas .

3) You have the right to select and choose where you want to do your Internship.That a particular hospital calls for applications doesn’t automatically mean that you must get there or you must apply there.

Yes!!There’s a time the frustration sets in ,you are tired of waiting ,tired of the promises and prolly have nothing to do but I think every health profession is also on the lucky side at least there’s something like Locum/Pp  in existence,Not everyone has the benefit of doing so .Do that while you wait or just find a way of being busy while you search for other opportunities .

4)The way people forge certificates Nowadays is Wawuu .That story would be for another day .

Protect your certs ,it took years for you to get them ,That you have them on paper and it looks worthless doesn’t make it worthless.That certificate is an evidence of the sleepless night,tears by you and you alone,pain, smiles, victories and answered prayers.Don’t let a short period of time determine the worth of that certificate .  It shouldn’t be given to anyone or Anybody . Be Careful about whom you give them too.

Above all gain the required skills and knowledge while you wait.

If you can Spend four ,five ,six -Ten years in School and yet you Won.You can do anything you set your heart to do .

Think,Be Innovative,Be proactive and finally walk the Talk .There is  so much more to be done . There’s so much work to be done.

Signs out 



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