Chuks Usiagu

You’ve always believed in dreams and its reality. You’ve conquered the little world of yours through NPMI.

A bridge builder you are. Through your platform, lots of friendships have been established and a lot of differences put to an understanding, thus the high level of interaction here as differences it is said enriches human interaction.
We may sometimes get on your nerves but you should always learn to endure it. It is a symbol that we love you. If we don’t, we wouldn’t bother making any contact or communication in the first place that may warrant such. So whenever we come inbox always do good to welcome us and give us necessary attention even when we are not making any sense. It prolongs our life.

Your flexible nature on issues of life is a quality so admirable. No doubt, it’s one of the greatest quality that has kept your vision running.

Birthday it is said, is a day friends celebrate ones existence on earth for the value one gives. And as such, I join the lots of friends to celebrate you today. Keep conquering, keep winning, for the future is bright and with a hope.
Even though it may not be clear to all, run with the few it is clear to, at the appropriate time, it will be clear to those with long sightedness 😁
Kvell always


  1. Awwh

    I’m blushing.

    As long as the health sector is concerned.
    This generation of health professionals will not be in a haste to forget you.
    You’ve left an imprint in our hearts.

    Keep on building bridges 🙌🙌


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