A letter to those Seeking Internship/Housejob Placement


Hey pipo,

The groups are usually dry after the release of any result most especially the watsapp groups.

Don’t think everyone around you is getting it right but you are not. *No*.

Everyone is fighting his or her own battles.

Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed with a particular failure.. We brood on it, we won’t let it go, we are depressed about it.,.. We tend to forget that we are blessed and successful in other areas.

Sometimes, I question myself too. There are some things that some people get easily that I don’t. But I also realise that there are some blessings I get..That others dont .
I also realized that some persons are yet to experience any failure in Life which is also unavoidable😁.
And I realise that the race is different. Sometimes, we don’t get somethings either because we are being prevented from some disaster or because waiting longer will be more beneficial.

I am learning everyday to be grateful for even the things I did not get and I’ll advice you do so .
Internship is Important but it is not a prerequisite for you to be successful in life.

Pls and Pls keep your hands Busy ,Dont be idle while waiting and don’t say I don’t understand because I perfectly do understand.

To everyone who got placement Congratulations once more and thank God our conne/merit worked.

To do those who haven’t gotten keep the hope alive because one day it would be a story of the past.
One love pipo 😘😘and happy sunday.

I remain Ijecks…


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