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Nigerian Prospective Medical Interns Parcel Service.
The Problem :We discovered that many prospective interns spend
huge amount of money in their tour for medical internship/
Many prospective interns risk their lives on the
Nigerian roads in long journeys just to submit some
documents.Not everyone is buoyant as every other and so some
people end up losing opportunities just because the huge money
they need for transportation is not there… and so, many become
The solution:This doesn’t have to be so.Our Parcel Service has
been designed to reduce the cost of submitting your applications
for various medical internship and housemanship positions all
over the states of Nigeria. We can help you submit your
documents at an affordable cost compared to you embarking on
the rigorous journey. We are here to make the submission of your
Documents easier for you. We will deliver your documents directly
as if it were ours.
N.B:We are an affiliate of the Nigerian Prospective Medical Interns
on Facebook. For now, we do Manual submission of your
documents to the various hospitals advertising at the moment.
Thank you
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  1. How about picking up the necessary forms from the intended institutions? Will I be the one to travel to the institution to pick the application form?


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