Ade's Story

Finished in January…wasn’t picked in the school I finished from am.. Despite I was among the 35 who passed at 1st seating
Then I knew the hustle is real.
Had to start applying in many places. Wrote Luth exams.  We were almost a thousand who came For it. 

Then had to travel from lagos to Abuja somewhere I haven’t been before. A place I only know God..
Saw 475peeps for 40 slots
The following day travelled to lokoja yo submit cv
Adegboye: Came back to Abuja again
Before going back to lag
Then started looking for who would help in abuja. Luth.uith
Many rejected me. Many stopped picking my calls .Many didn’t even store my number
My reverend even tried helping me with Bingham university
At the end. A woman took me seriously
Assured me
Lo and behold
I got abuja
mind you I don’t even know the woman
Met her through someone..
That’s how God made everything possible .



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