After Conducting One of The Best Interviews For Interns/Houseofficers:   ISTH Releases Interns Scores



Ab spi: No anambra ????…it’s well oo

Red‬: Lmao

Ab spi: But if na anambra now dem go dey jonse dey gv oda states work…..ndi Ara 😡😡

Red‬: Wait for nauth

Wasi: Are you  saying that just 54 people did the exam or what ?Because they put absent for some names

Sct Oyocee: Where other specialty biko

 Wasi: Just 24 for medlab

Nichez: Absent, and they still get placement

Emoney: That is niaja for you

Wasi: This is naija not niger republic

Nichez: 😂😂😂

Oyocee: Hahaha

Mako: Abeg ooo.. Irrua write exam.. People of God..?? 🤡

 Bode: No, they did groups of ten oral interview

Mako: Nna ee.. Please can you send a voice message of this ya name.. Am try na pronounce it.
 AB: Irrua no go kill person. Where did they get d scores attached to d names?  Just release  the names you have and pls don’t fool us with scores when no exams was conducted

Kelly: Connection network scores

AB: Endurance u were there life,  i lie?

 Boogie: My brother i dey see d scores…i come dey wonder wen dem take award am?

AB: Maybe dem do exam for night wen we don go. Federal character commission worst pass d hospitals.

Boogie: Every other institutions dey do their own..isth nor fit carry last

 Ifeanyi: Connection take over 😂😂

 AB: My problem na d score  wen dem put. Imagine your malle see the list she go feel say you na from Dundee university you grad from.

 White:lol! And what does federal character mean again?? Edo everywhere

Lawson: Federal Character is dead, Edo Character af taken over #teamnevergiveup 😀

Lawson: 😂😂

White: I must greet them

 Luka: Them add enugu nah

Luka: Isn’t that federal enough

Ijecks: 😄😄

White: Hahaahahah

 Luka: Ondo even dey sef

 Luka: Them try jor

Lawson: Imo dey sef

Dem over try

White: For pharmacist?? Ondo??? Be like my mb nor download that part

Lawson: Ur MB is giving up on you

It should contact Ijecks🤔🤔🤔

White: The day someone will open mouth about federal character all am gon tell the person is that it’s Edo character I know….datz all

Lawsoneez like you didn’t see ESUTH list last 2 weeks.

Everyone there including the only one name on supplementary list no follow any nonsense Federal Chararacter.

White: Esuth is state so I didn’t wanna dive into that but irrua specialist is federal I expected more from them

Ngozi : Federal character na wash right from tym.

 White: But wait o,so b4 applying 4 any state I need do state of origin of that state o cox it seems clear that it’s a matter of being from a state that makes u eligible for placement

Lawson: Irrua is Federal? 
You sure sir?

Lawson: Nope,  it’s a matter of having super Conne in that state sir

Elder: My country go better🌚🌚

Lawson: We don’t have a country

There was a country🤔🤔🤔

White: I think it is cox it’s not controlled by the hosp mang board. Or wah do u think?

 Lawson: Even your President has given up on working from his office🤔🤔

Elder: Is a lie🤓🤓

 Dr Uti: is not a lie

Ifeanyi: Connection on the beat 😂Shaa na internship, everybody is qualified. As long as you have license. 
Just that they should have kukuma removed the scores 😞

Irrua specialist Teaching Hospital-ISTH


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