Alternative lucrative Ventures for Health Professionals part 4(Four)


Sct Godschosen: Back to Dr Vs question,
Most internship trainings pays a 100k plus

1. What is the least amount to be kept aside for savings

2. What will the money saved be used for at the end of the financial year e.g car, land, marriage etc

3. What amount will be used to provide help to those around you

4. After internship what next eg MBA, MPH, primaries, etc
 ​Dr  David : Local government chairman Na…. who all those things help

Dr Jude: Buy IPhone 7s for her

Dr James  : Nice topics for discussion

Dr Chidinma: Masters in Public health now over hyped. Only do if you have connect.

Pharm ann: Nice discussion

Pharm ELerus get the internship fes nau🤒🤒🤒

Besides na to take the money flenjo dey go time is short🤓🤓🤓

 Sly: This is something serious ooo. CONSIDERING the rate of unemployment.

Dr Hen:1) 300k monthly

               2) Marriage

                3) 10k

              4) Become a stripper

Pharm Tony: The savings ‘ll depend on if you are feeding and gathering for yourself.

Pharm Tonasibe: They claimed it was not his final words though…

Sct Bbhills: 1. Say 40%
2. Self development
3. You’ll have been doing that almost throughout the course of the internship
4. Masters already

Pharm Tonasibe: By the way…which business are you running remotely and you’ve time…

Sct Bbhills: Seriously, that’s why I said 40%, some months sef, you might not be able to save that much because of the cares of this life

Dr  Abraham: Who knows about what the poor man in a village in Jigawa State said on his dying bed?

 Ijecks: No sir, I’ll be talking from experience here at least I’m proud to say I’ve done over 11 businesses and 3 have stood the test of time. Was it improper management? nope.

What would you say to natural incidents that occur in life?

What do you say to your first investment?

What do you say to customers who owe you and run away?

What do you say to a change in environment?

There comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur whereby you invest heavily into the business ,time, money, energy and trust me the list is endless.

For every business, you pay to about 5 different associations yearly just for you to survive.

Business is not as easy as we think and folding up of a business is a normal experience in the life of every entrepreneur.

Persistence becomes life itself.

Pharm Tonasibe: Well…you’ve a point.Nobody wants to be poor

Dr  Abraham: Healthtech and Recycling.

 Dr V: This will be good too but i think 6 will be ok cos with large number some might not be serious in paying back, others might tissue

Sct Godchosen: He would probably wish he had provided more for his family and left fortunes for them.

But in as much as those are the needs of life, true happiness is not found in wealth

Pharm Tonasibe: Everybody is mentioning Zenith Bank, nobody remembers the failed banks and their owners……

Pharm Tonasibe: I’ve realized money doesn’t bring happiness…it brings comfort not happiness but  I have to make this money sha😃

Pharm  Tonasibe: @Dr Abraham,So please elaborate on the healthtech and recycling. Let’s learn

Pharm  Tonasibe: Ijeoma my daughter…11 Businesses☹☹☹…hope you’re not contemplating suicide already.

Dr Abraham: @Ijecks,I have also had to close businesses but with the benefit of hindsight, I was not ‘equipped enough’ to run the business.
I have learned that businesses can evolve and does not have to die.

 Pharm Tonasibe:I did  one business and failed…I no gree sleep for night for 3 days

Sct oloye: Extremely right

 Ijecks: @Tonasibe ,you are a clown

Pharm Tonasibe: One thing about being a business man is that it makes you very strong to accommodate loss and failure

Sct oloye : Not all loss could be accommodated,That is  why we thrive more to do better.

Dr  Abraham: I’m not saying it’s all about wealth but I just can’t be happy as a poor man.

Sct Oloye : That is why it brings comfort

Dr winner : Hmmmm Ijecks. So you’re like this and we didn’t know?

I think we should be having more of money talks, dreams and business start up talks

Dr Winner: Lol. Not every business start up will survive.

Ijecks: The point I’m trying to make has to do with the word improper management which you used, I believe its one of the factors that makes a business fail .its like  a part of a bywhole but not the main cause of failure in business.The Nigerian economy is not even helping matters.

Dr Abraham: There is a level of wealth you get to, you will generate happiness by embarking on charitable projects e.g. Zuckerberg, Gates, e. t. c.

Sct  Oloye : Even despite the projects some people are still not happy

Sct Bbhills: As much as I agree with the sense you are making Sir, permit me to say that, being poor or poverty to say is firstly a mindset, it’s a mind thing and when you are too concentrated on it, nothing you have will ever be enough.

Sct Oloye : Wealth contributes but not the ultimate source of happiness

Dr Ike: Journey still far

Pharm Tonasibe: Ijecks…11 Biznesses☹☹☹☹

Dr  Abraham: Yes, the Nigerian economy is a disaster and it is problematic but you will agree with me that some businesses are adapting.

Sct Springy: Maybe it is, but what zenith has accumulated over the years ‘could’ yield him even more than the house will worth nowadays, and still continue growing.

Pharm Tonasibe: Well…I’m in support of making money🤒

Dr  Abraham: For me, the ultimate source of happiness is being an ‘active’ citizen of God’s kingdom which I am. So let’s make money and help push the gospel 😉

 Ijecks: And aside that one major investment we  do not see as investment is Investment in people.

The owner of zenith bank may not be the richest but cmon hes paying his  bills, more than let’s say 100o persons depend on him for their  livelihood

 Dr V: All i can deduce are

1. Savings 40-50%

2. A start up biz, car, land

3. Help 15-20%

4. Masters

 Ijecks: @Dr Abraham, the word improper management is only a factor in the failure of any business.

Dr Abraham: Like the CEO of Nokia said, we failed not because we did anything wrong.
Well, Management involves everything you had stated earlier.

Sct  Bbhills: This one everyone is using Sir Shina Peters to make comparison with Ovia, I don’t even get it.This life is different, different destinies, different purpose, different desire, different stuffs Invested in Zenith bank and made it, so what?  If Peters did, that would have been a loss on his side but  he has a house of his own, he might decide to sell to Zenith bank tomorrow after renovation for more than 20mil and they will buy it. So what? Plus I don’t even believe that crappy story of 20mil in 1990?comon guys, in 1990??? What’s the equivalent of a dollar to Naira then? What’s the cost of materials then? What’s the capacity of the house?? I know the story is to inspire us to start businesses which I think is a good idea but no, am not buying it.

Dr Abraham: Samsung started as a textile company. When other textile companies folded up in the 80s, it evolved and we all know what their products are.

 Ijecks: Great!! but did they say it was as a result of improper management?

To be continued……


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