Alternative lucrative Ventures for Health Professionals Part five(5)


DR  Abraham: Evolution and Adaptability are key factors for any business to survive in the long term.

Sct Bbhills: Sir Peters is sleeping in his mansion or whatever, Ovia might be sleeping in a 5 bed room owned apartment because he wants to invest more money, yeah I get the point

pharm Tonasibe: BB…it’s called a motivational story..motivational stories are usually spiced up with lies

Sct Bbhills: This life eh, you mustn’t do what everyone else is doing

Dr Abraham: Inability of company to evolve and adapt is improper management Dear.

Sct Bbhills: You mustn’t be the guru in everything, do what makes you satisfied and happy

Sct Bbhills: Even if it’s owning just a job that pays you 100k, yet everyone that comes your way is blessed by your life

Sct Bbhills: That’s what matters

Dr Winner: Hmmmm. Deep wisdom.

pharm Tonasibe: No oo….Make money o

 Dr V: You are waking me up.the  financial giant in me just tapped my medulla

Sct Bbhills: Make money, be happy. Live large if you like

Dr Abraham: πŸ‘πŸ½ . We are just saying we can be MORE THAN THIS

pharm Tonasibe: 100k is small☹

Dr V: Yeah

pharm Tonasibe: The average amount to survive in this country is 500k a month

Ijecks: Explain pls maybe i dont get you

Sct  Bbhills: Buy shoe of 30k and own a big hospital that’s good. But shoe of 1,500 and be the biggest entrepreneur in the country, na for your pocket.Who knows, who care?

Dr Winner : Teachers have been surviving on a salary of 20k per month.

Sct Bbhills: We don’t walk around with price tags on our clothes or accessories, so what?

 Dr V: πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Sct Bbhills: Just make a difference in and with yourself first then with the people around you.

Sct  Bbhills: Yes my dear. It’s cool to aim for me. Personally I push myself to be more and do more? But after that what next? I think the point is in being more or achieving more, do not loose sight of the moment

pharm Tonasibe: Now I understand why those teachers sell a lot of stuff, From candy to exercise books to cutlass and hoes

 Dr V: I dont know hw they cope, the money is too small

Ijecks: But they cope

pharm Tonasibe: They cope but they are not comfortable

 Ijecks: True

Sct Bbhills: I like good shoes too o. I can buy a shoe a 15k, I no send, shebi na me dey wear am, and am happy. That’s what matters. Ain’t nobody telling  me how to invest that money into something else

pharm Tonasibe: So…I need Bizness ideas. Ijecks and Olusegun…list ur Bizness here Let’s discuss

Sct Bbhills: People are just afraid to be happy and enjoy life, they fear the future, future that is not in their hands o, they’ll make all the plans and procedure and all. Wealth is false security,Security is in God 🀣🀣🀣🀣 (Beulah stopeet, this is not a religious conversation, be realistic) 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Dr Abraham: Navigating through the economy,

Bootstrapping on resources,

Continuous research into the emotional quotient of your customers and potential clients,

Product development and evolution,

Understanding your competitors,

Soothsaying the future needs of your generation e.t.c. are all under management of a company.
I intentionally did not use ‘mismanagement’ but /’improper management’

Springy: Planning sets in yeah, Okay.  Will like to read.Lolz

Dr  Abraham: Quote:

“Plan as if you will live for a thousand years, live as though you will die today”

Sct Bbhills: People that are even talking of making money, what ideas do you have? What different thing are you bringing to the world that is useful. Is it to just goan open kiosk and be selling provisions and clothes?
If your idea ain’t reproducible, ya not gonna be wealthy

Sct Bbhills: Explain how realistic this quote is biko. If am gonna die today, why plan for a thousand years?πŸ€” Inspirational things everywhere to drive you nuts, that’s why I don’t blame my friends that don’t read inspirational or motivational books or stuffs. I read them sha o, lemme confess. Am scared that I might reach up to expectations so I read some of them to learn

Dr V: They cope by selling stuff during school times to meet their needs

pharm Tonasibe: I don’t read them☹

Sct Bbhills: Gbam!

Dr Abraham: Because you may not die today and wake up tomorrow morning feeling utterly confused and useless.
It’s probability bias.

 Ijecks: Ok thanks i get you now πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Dr Winner: Werey 100%@tonasibe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pharm Tonasibe: But the question that keeps popping to my mind it…What happens after you become superrich self?

Ijecks: Is the idea about being super rich?if yes  Then it depends on the individual.

Dr Abraham: Look at Bill Gates. he has answered the question to a good extent.

Dr Winner: Your options become vast and unlimited.
Your ability to do good increases.Correct!

Sct Bbhills: And you think he is comfortable? You think he feels safe and secured? You think he’s not making more money still??? There’s no end to that means.

To be Continued….


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