Alternative lucrative ventures for health professionals part II(Two)



Dr Aj: Strong people don’t play victim,  don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal.

Dr E: I think he has a point… If every doctor was a business man, who would do the delivery?

 Dr E: Or a doctor whose attention is divided between business and duty.

 Dr E: #justsaying

 Dr E: Not everyone I repeat… Is supposed to be an entrepreneur

 Dr Hen: NOT everyone is meant to be a business owner…

 Dr E: Society itself would crumble

 Dr Hen: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 you took the words out of my mouth

Dr E: Thank you… These entrepreneur guys just blow things out of proportion

Dr  Hen: NOT every “Christian” is meant to own a church

 Dr E: Your head is correct

 Dr Aj: Just like saying everyone should be a chorister😒

 Dr Ereg: all depends what you call business…people attacking words instead of the meanings those words carry..

As long as the business pays…hospital will function wella… hungry staffs hungry patient

 Ijecks: Hehehhe that actually depends on your definition of entrepreneurship.

 Dr E: Who is an entrepreneur… Let’s stop all these person-specific definitions

Ijecks: trust me Im not talking about business owners. Entrepreneurship encompasses a whole Lotta things and with the way the world is going digital. You would simply be amazed.

Dr  Hen: Ohmmmmm here we go again.
Ijeoma how many dictionaries do u have??

Ijecks: Really, person-specific definitions, pls who defined the entrepreneurship you know

Dr  Hen: Ijeoma bikoo oooo

Dr E: See darling… I know these things you’re talking about.

But imagine the progress we have in medicine today… Would it be possible if men were not dedicated? Or had a biz on the side, or one Bitcoin biz… Lol. I’m not saying you should not do that… Investment is also another to make money… Make money invest it… Focus, change the world in your own way… If entrepreneurship is your thing, do it to the fullest… Help people who have no idea on how to make money…

 Dr E: IJ, entrepreneur I know o… Starts a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

 Dr E: If you haven’t read The Dip by Seth Godin… Please do… Might give you a whole new perspective… (I think)

Dr Kiz: Who reading don epp for this life

Dr E: It have EPP me o! @Dr Kiz

Mls Intern ‬: who reading epp

Dr Hen: Ijecks dey type novel ooo. Entrepreneur jati jati😂😂

Dr E: I used to have a fixed mindset…Books changed it

Ijecks: Ok, you have a point, i understand you perfectly well but what am trying to say is that entrepreneurship has actually evolved in such a way that i’ve personally defined it as doing what you know how to do perfectly well so far you meet a need. Entrepreneurship is more than being a businness owner and making money. A lot of preneurs are now available. Nowadays i see socialpreneurs, technopreneurs, doctopreneurs even mediapreneurs and Yes even with the progress in medicine .In conclusion it just depends on the perspective, Seth godin could have written one and given us a whole new perspective, you Dr  E can also write yours in a different perspective.

Dr E: Hmmm… So your definition of an entrepreneur in this aspect is a trailblazer…? Correct me if I’m wrong… If then, I have nothing against finding new ways…

It’s just pick a thing and stick to it… That’s the only way you’ll be the best at it… #myownperspctive… No plans A and B… Just plan A…I’ll take your advice and write a book… When I’m earned the right

Pharm Cool : Pls is it a sin to do Ponzi scheme?Is it a business?

Dr E: Lol🤔

Dr E: Ask Drpreneur

Efeco: Ask Google

Pharm Cool : Ij pls come and type long thing

Ijecks: Trail blazer: One that blazes a trail to guide others; a pathfinder.(figuratively) An innovative leader in a field; a pioneer.
Its just a part of a whole. I think Entrepreneurship is more than what we imagine or think it is. It encompasses a lot more. Infact the more people try to define it, the more they limit it to their own perspective thats what im trying to say. An Individual came up with the word ‘entrepreneur ‘and over the years being/the definition of an entrepreneur has evolved . Most successful entrepreneurs never tell the same story. They tell their stories based on their own perspective even though the only thing they mostly have in common is being rich/overcoming challenges.

Rad A: So we should all be entrepreneurs abi?Nigerians with their over-hyping mentality, if we all be entrepreneurs, who would you employ?

 Or you think only the entrepreneur can build that conglomerate he wants without the support of the people who works for him‬ .Yes, entrepreneurship is good, but being an employee  is not a disease either. All of us can’t be entrepreneurs ok

PT Z: Likewise all nigerians cant be salary earners.The message is just trying to remove the one sided mentality we have about white collar jobs and their likes.

Rad A: It is not, it is making a salary earner looking irrelevant.

Sct C‬: Well, this is my opinion, and don’t expect anyone to agree with it. The entrepreneurship talk in Nigeria is over-hyped.

Sct B‬: you think entrepreneurship is over hyped then keep running the rat race. I’ll gladly be building while you wait for me to employ you. Nne don’t be angry I wrote this but everyone is tired of being another’s servant and I know you’ll not be happy to be one.Thanks for understanding

Rad A‬: So you think working for someone else is being a servant abi!!!. This is the kind of mentality I am talking about. As an entrepreneur that you think you are, so the people that will run your day to day business are servants, abi!!!, ain’t they providing a service/value that you are paying them for. Some of you that even shout entrepreneurship don’t even know what it is about. You think putting CEO of one business, in front of your name is all about entrepreneurship. Clap for yourself.

Nonso : Sometimes you need to serve before you can lead.  It’s about what works for you as a person.  Yes everyone can’t be an entrepreneur but then if you check countries who are doing well they never depended on the government.  For I work for an Organization and still an entrepreneur but will surely not work for long for someone.  So do what works for you.  Sometimes working for someone helps you to gain experience, knowledge and capital for running your own business

Sct B: But saying someone being employed is being a servant, doesn’t cut it

 Ijecks: Servant:One who serves another, providing help in some manner.She is quite the humble servant.

If you are working or serving in any capacity be it as a Ceo, president of a country and so on and so forth. You are a servant. 👌

Nonso: But one is a servant to those he is serving and those he is working for.

Sct C: So an entrepreneur is also a servant

Nonso: Yes

Sct A‬: Because I still hear a lot of comments from many Nigerians, I can’t be answering yes Sir to anybody, dats why I chose to do my own thing and that person will come and be claiming entrepreneur.

 Nonso: You can be an entrepreneur even in your office.  Called Intrapreneurship

Pt Dee: you have a voice. Write something about this. The hyping is putting a lot of people into pits. 

I love entrepreneurship too but people can’t differentiate between service and slavery.  
An entrepreneur is simply a servant who has been given a bigger responsibility. 
People who can’t work for others and learn loyalty I tell you cannot answer the big call of entrepreneurship.


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