Benefits Of Goat Meat


Goat meat or goat’s meat is the meat of the domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) .Goat meat from adults is often called chevon and cabrito , capretto , or kid when it is from young animals.

While “goat” is usually the name for the meat found in common parlance, producers and marketers may prefer to use the French-derived word chevon (from chΓ¨vre ).

Goat meat is savory and less sweet than beef but slightly sweeter than lamb. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as being stewed, curried , baked, grilled ,
barbecued, minced , canned , fried, or made into sausage.

Goat has a reputation for having a strong, gamey flavour, but the taste can also be mild, depending on how it is raised and prepared.

Caribbean cultures often prefer meat from mature goats, which tends to be more pungent; while some other cultures prefer meat that comes from younger goats that are six to nine months old.

Ribs, loins, and tenderloin goat meat are suitable for quick cooking, while other cuts are best for long braising.

Despite being classified as red meat, goat is leaner and contains less cholesterol , fat , and protein than both lamb and beef , and less energy than beef or chicken; therefore, it requireslow-heat, slow cooking to preserve tenderness and moisture.

Goat meat has a number of nutritional benefits.

Low in calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than traditional meats, goat meat has higher levels of iron when compared to a similar serving size of beef, pork, lamb and chicken.

Comparatively, goat meat also contains higher potassium content with lower sodium levels.

Offering more nutritional value and greater health benefits, goat meat has a number of health benefits, whichinclude…

– When it comes to fat, goat meat is leaner than other meats. It also has far lesser calories, which means it is ideal for those trying to stick to a diet.

– While red meat is known to be high with saturated fat that increases cholesterol levels and leads to heart disease, goat meat is said to have very low levels of saturated fat and will pose no harm to your heart health. The low levels of saturated fat in goat meat is said to improve blood cholesterol levels and ease inflammation.

– With cholesterol levels shooting through the roof in most households, it is important to watch your diet. Goat meat comprises very little cholesterol and hence, can be consumed regularly.

– Goat meat also contains higher levels of iron than chicken. Iron is an important nutrient especially for women β€” a lack of iron reserves is known to cause anaemia.

– The meat is also packed with proteins β€” another important nutrient the body needs on a daily basis.

– Goat meat comprises Vitamin B, which is known to help one effectively burn fat. So, a little portion of the meat is good for those wanting to lose some weight.

– It is packed with Vitamin B12, which is known to help you get healthy skin.

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So let’s enjoy our goat meat πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Chijioke Justice is a Nigerian based Registered Dietitian -Nutritionist.

Contact : 08063067412


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