Confidential Names 


​Aproko story for the weekend 

And that was how i was about to go to sleep 😴 after posting  the lists of Successful Interns. so the next  thing on my mind was to switch of my hard earned data 😂.

One Over-serious guy like that just posted this below  and kpakam that was how  we began an Interesting Conversation .

Over -Serious Guy: People’s names are confidential documents. Not everybody would like to see their names all over the internet. I know a guy who was sore vexed because his name was over the net on a succesful candidates’ list… I understood with him at that time anyway. Most people would want to see their names on the net, others may not want. Lets employ wisdom in all things.

 IJECKS: Geez  😱😱😱 i wanted to sleep but i came back

IJECKS: Pls help me tell that your guy to go and mop river Niger or quench hell fire for all I care

Miss m: Lol

Dr T: Whose fault? Tell the guy to inform the hospital to paste his matric number as against his name.

Medlab intern: lol

Pharm B‬: Is he not proud of being a successful candidate?

Dr V: Nawaooo please send pics here, if d doesn’t  want to see his name let him close his eyes or delete it. Others need it pls

PhysioT‬: Abi him no want him family to beg am for money

Dr T: Abi ooo

Pharm C: Maybe he shouldn’t have written the exam then

Tomato face: 😣😣😣😣😣

Mr motivational: Which one is confidential again, what will people do with his name 😏😏.. People like forming over important..

Medic ‬: Oh Chim!!!! Confidential  kwa…. Let me get the job first, then we can talk about confidential or whatever you call it

Dr I: Make we no paste list of successful candidates because somebody chooses to be over sensitive? Taaa!! People are hilarious sha. Who your name epp?


Which time name turn confidential docs?? I haff die 😂😂😂😂😂😂 .Please check the dictionary meaning of confidential.

 El  : Name when borku for facebook


Grammarian medic: you are addressed by your name…. It shouldn’t be confidential

Pharm O: Mop river Niger 🤣🤡, serious work

But on a very serious note  the only group of interns that can be angry for seeing their names on the list of successful interns are those going for a second missionary journey to go and repeat their internship/Housemanship programme. Trust me if one has ever travelled to about 17-20 states in search of placement in Nigeria .You would be on your knees thanking God. If you got your Internship placement by merit (10%) sheer luck or who you know(Conne di very sharp) your name is goodluck . Some persons have spent one ,two or  (3) three good years at home in search of internship. In some cases 4-5 years or for someone who hasnt undergone medical fashion parade. I say you wee not understand .I repeat you wee not understand.  I better stop here. 



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