Couple Trying to Conceive for 4 Years Had Mistakenly Been Having Anal Sex


A married couple who had been trying to conceive for four years were told they had mistakenly been having anal sex all this time. But when they visited obstetrician Liu Hongmei, they made a shocking discovery. While asking about the wife’s medical history during visit, Doctor Liu was told that the couple had sex regularly. The wife also revealed that the experience was ‘unusually painful’ for her every time, but she suffered through it in the hope of becoming pregnant.

The woman’s symptoms led Doctor Liu to believe that she may have had some sort of gynaecological disease. But following an examination, the wife was revealed to be a virgin. Doctor Liu then inspected the woman’s anus and discovered that she ‘could fit three fingers’ inside. It was then that the medic is said to have learned the couple had been mistakenly having anal sex for four years, resulting in their failure to conceive.

The couple were very young, the man 26 and the woman 24. Doctor Liu reportedly handed the couple each a sex-ed handbook and also gave them ‘guidelines’ before they were sent home. The advice appeared to work, as news of the wife’s pregnancy arrived just a few months later. They reportedly informed the now-retired doctor that they were finally expecting – by sending 100 eggs and a live hen as gifts to her former hospital.

The doctor said: ‘Four years of marriage and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant. Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare.’ ‘But it is not uncommon for people to lack or have misconceptions regarding sexual knowledge.’

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