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There is a saying that says success is an iceberg illusion. Check out the Image below

Nigerian prospective medical interns is blessed with seven Whatsapp groups with over 200 persons in each group aside the first group which is over a hundred persons, the face book group covers about 3700 prospective medical interns, other platforms include Telegram, twitter and Instagram and finally this website .

One interesting fact about being the admin is that you cannot even complain, who do you complain to?

Infact in one of the members voice na who send you work? Lol.

Taking a cue  from chiemezie okwara’s post on facebook

The tragedy of being an admin  is that you might lose sight of your personal business sooner or later; especially if you’re passionate about your work. 😎
You can pick about fifty calls in a day (I’m not exaggerating )especially during submissions and that doesn’t mean that all who called would submit through you .ooh and the watsapp messages that can be up to  2,345 messages  on the average from 20-40 chats and none of those calls/messages  is to ask you how you’re doing nor to tell you how you’re missed, nor how you’re loved. None is to give you cash gifts or a big break. 😎 There  are few exceptions.
What do you get? 👇👇👇
“good morning ,am I on to Ijecks, boss lady or Emeka , I just got your number from the website ” 😎
“Good morning , please which hospitals are currently accepting applications.as if you have the names of all the hospitals in Nigeria off-hand ” 😎

Hi, do you remember me? I am… I called you earlier on ” 😎


‘HELLO’ please can you help me with submissions in this  hospital.ill pay later and after that you wont hear from the person again. in some cases some would send incomplete documents and expect you to manufacture their other documents.
We have some struggles and we need someone to talk to also. we pick your calls till it’s lights off, and we  can’t even make personal calls to strengthen our personal lives. 😔😔😔

Okay, this is me trying to bring out the beautiful, the sad, ugly and most difficult moments.

Amongst all the various platforms, the whatsapp groups are the most challenging and hectic group. Remember I said they are seven in number .Alright but trust me when I say they come with a surprise package. All the groups are very noisy .None is exempted including the last group.  There are days you feel like running away from the groups you created and they are days you are comforted with their encouragement and funny jokes. One funny thing is that the groups are unique yet different.

The first group would ignore, encourage and support you when they feel like but yet they are still my very best because we’ve become a family beyond WhatsApp. Their unique trait and topics that would result to a thousand messages is topics on ladies and men (marriage topics) such that we have a unique name for a man which we call EBUKA and a lady which we call EBUBE with different characters that posts crazy pics with different memes such that you wonder where they get it from. My realest Gees.Their untold story would be written gradually.

The second group have their unique topics/traits that could result to thousands of messages is politics/religious topics with IBN my EVERYDAY night mare championing the occasion. Next is

Group 3; mostly filled with uniben graduates  ,most times opening the chats gives me ulcers  with cases of bance who makes sure that after every statement you make he says tell me, ask question he would say ask me. You make announcement tell us.

Group4: one of the most religious watsapp group filled with many pastors and funny people. with the help  of the able bishop who tries to keep everything in check  or mansah who makes sure that f-word is diligently repeated in the group, how can I forgot the intelligent conversations. They have their own episodes

Group 5: The most Crazy and funny set of persons, I sometime wonder if they met in another world before joining the group. Is it  the adebimpe series , the red p series or the different characters there.

Group 6: I could remember days when I have to pass on an important information and I remember they exist . l have to make sure I have another power source because right before your very own eyes a fully charged phone can be 30% .They even have a gate WhatsApp man that ensures that they do not chat past the hour of 10pm yet once its 12.00am they are all awake chatting or is it the case of one particular guy when frustrated or depressed with issues concerning Nigeria ,you see him screaming retards everywhere or the fact that every month he has a new name.pheew

Group 7: the last group created is filled with funny, serious, and the ginger group. How can I forget the guy with the unique way of typing things or is the guy that writes Gbeem with a monkey smiley after every statement you make.
All the groups are unique and funny.All the groups are  the best version of themselves.



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