Over the years, a lot has been seen and said about education looking at it through  different lenses and windows.

 Of course, you judge a tree by its fruits. Modern education came to us as at when it did with so many promises. This gave us very high expectations in mind at least of a better life both as individuals and as a nation. But what scores can we really adjudge presently looking at the outcomes of the products from our education system?

 A lot has been sown into education but how far and how well with the fruits? Could it be that we sow the wrong seeds on the right soils or the other way round? 

Years back when we were growing up, they used to tell us that we need to go to school to acquire the necessary degrees and certifications so that we can have a good job and live a better life. This has greatly influenced the focus of those pursuing education in the various facilities of learning. So,the primary aim of majority of people going to school is to get a job. Even the curricula of studies as well as education policies in various spheres  of learning has also tilted in this direction especially in the area of implementation. 

The whole system within the education sector suggests or rather encourages you just to pass your exams with good grades and graduate any how so that you can compete favourably for good jobs out there. But is this really worth it?

 Because of what our institutions of learning now offer, many people has unknowingly positioned themselves on the receiving side of life. They think of what to get just to survive instead of what to contribute selflessly to societal development and in the process achieve greatness. There is this sense of entitlement that builds up in them overtime that makes them to believe and expect that somebody somehow maybe the government is supposed to offer them a good job having acquired the necessary academic qualifications. This increases their dependency quotient and gradually deadens their sense of creativity and innovation. They are not informed to think outside the box. They rather prefer to burrow within the soft soils of already made ideas of people instead of charting new paths for themselves bringing their potentials to bear. And when these good paying jobs are not forthcoming, they get frustrated feeling their years of academic pursuits is in vain. But the question is, those places where they seek employment must have been somebody’s idea. So, why can’t they task their brain enough to birth ideas that will make them profitably self-employed and also employ others? Think about this: those that got high grades and were offered good paying jobs, how fulfilled are they today? Those coming out of the various institutions of learning with high academic grades, how many of them could still get good paying jobs today? Just look out there and see frustrations everywhere! This is not in any way to undermine the place of academic excellence. But academic excellence that is void of self awareness and self development is in vain.

 You see, even most employers are not finding it funny attaining organisational goals with their employees because many of them came out of school without optimal self awareness and self development. This is the reason why most employers of labour today now have ‘graduate trainee ‘ cadre an effort to at least upgrade fresh graduates through another round of training on what they were supposed to learn in school before finally incorporating them into their workforce . 

Also, many employees are not finding it easy finding self fulfillment working with their employers because often times, they are given functions that are not congruent with their inner drives – who they are at the very core as well as their skills set.

 Have you ever observed that the formulation and implementation of Education policies and curricula in our society today does not significantly encourage self discovery,self development and self fulfilment? If you have not, please do so objectively and you will see the obvious missing links which has made the essence of education to be near defeated if not totally defeated.

 Essentially, the ultimate goal of education is self-discovery, self-development and self-actualization. Anything short of these is not it. Contrary to this, emphasis over the years has been on academic grades in a way that does not upgrade the people especially mentally. By the time they come out of school, they look even more confused and incapacitated. They are not prepared to fit into the society and make impact. They are not well equipped to meet societal needs for which they could be rewarded with wealth and fulfillment. You see them jumping from one business career or job to another doing guesswork. It becomes even more frustrating to them seeing their mates who took different pathways to success, whether legitimately or illegitimately, doing well in life when they are still trying to find their bearing. They continue to live with many dreams unfulfilled until they are ready to reroute themselves to the path of self-discovery, self-development and self-actualization. It is this feeling of dissatisfaction that comes from their expectations of their years of academic labour not being met that makes people to think education is not as fruitful as it promised.

 Indeed, it is mental upgrading that guarantees fulfillment in life and not just good academic grades, at least you must have seen or heard of PhD holders who are still living with unfulfilled dreams.

Look around and you will see that there are many opportunities out there but it takes somebody who has discovered himself well enough to see and utilise them. While a vast majority are busy throwing pity party – complaining about how scarce job opportunities are these days,the few who has discovered their potentials to create wealth are busy making fortunes for themselves.

 Education is actually a tool for socioeconomic re-engineering and remodeling. It is a nursery bed where seeds are sown and grown in the hearts of men until they are mature enough to survive and produce good fruits in the main farmland, the society. But not until the education policies and curricula are tailored towards this end, we would continue to reap frustrations and people will keep seeing more reasons to believe that education is a scam.

True, every man is born with potentials and there is not a potential that is useless in life. Every potential has a need to meet for humanity and whoever discovers his innate potentials and sharpen them to meet the needs of people attains greatness.

 There are times you see people who never saw the four walls of academic institutions of learning employing highly schooled people to acquire fortunes, yet, the highly schooled ones with their long list of degrees are out there struggling to find their feet. What makes the difference if not  self-discovery, self-development and self-actualization? Not until our education system is restructured to train people in line with their individual area of call and gifting, it will appear like a scam because the beauty would have been mortgaged!

Moreso,while we call on the operators of the education sector to redirect the focus of all educational trainings towards self development and self optimization, by setting better indicators for the training,assessment and certification of trainees in a way that would better harness individual resourcefulness, people should make deliberate individual efforts towards self discovery, self development and self fulfilment. Remember, whatever becomes of you at the end of time is your choice. Don’t blame circumstances because they are never guilty.

Remain blessed!

Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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