Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital Calls for Applications. 


​​Application fee is a whooping sum of 10,000 naira  but I will like to ask who do we blame? 

The federal government ?

Our various licensing bodies?

The Cmd who is looking for means to meet up and cover-up expenses made within the hospital?  Cause definitely the 10,000 as application  fee has already been  budgeted for.  

Or is it we who are willing to pay any amount just to get placement . 

A situation whereby we  pay Just to  get paid . A year training  now looks like a life-time job opportunity. We sit in the comfort of our homes  and insult our predecessors forgetting that one day we would get to that seat and and occupy those positions and after complaining we are not even willing to do anything about our predicamentand yet we would still be the first set of persons to go and pay the huge sum of money  .  

We the youths of Nigeria keep sleeping a lot and looking for who to blame and yes if our elders have failed us. We should therefore not fail ourselves.The health sector and every other sectors in Nigeria is in Shambles but health is wealth. I pray a time would come for the different departments under the health sector to come and stop fighting themselves and begin to work as a body just the way all parts of the bodies are important and make up the human body. 

So many things are just wrong. I saw the resident doctors  who went on demonstration for the payment of their salaries and all other stuffs they were fighting  for, Despite that I could still see the fear of losing their jobs written all over them.

 Lastly i would like to drop this little story  of  Two twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father .one grew up to be an alcoholic and when asked what happened he said i watched my father. The other grew up to never drink once in his life. When asked why he said  I watched my father. Two boys…..Same father…..Different perspective. Your perspective on life would determine your destination. You can either be a victim or a survivor. If you know you cannot do anything now. Remember that one day you might be at the helm of affairs. Kindly make sure you do not I repeat do not repeat  the same mistake. 

Nb:pls let us  learn to stop Complaining and Start taking actions that would yield better Results.


​Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates in the following internship positions in the hospital:


Medical laboratory  Scientists. 

Pharmacy Interns 

Interested candidates must possess a recognized degree or equivalent in their areas of specialization from a reputable University in Nigeria or abroad.


Candidates are required to apply manually to the Office of the Medical Director, attaching all necessary credentials including your
Application Letter (phone number must be included),

License(s) ,

Degree Certificate or Notification (Statement) of Results

Waec / O’Level certificate

First school leaving cert / Testimonial

L. G. A Identification Letter

Birth Certificate / Statutory Declaration of Age

3 recommendation letters(not specified though)  .

Type-written applications should be addressed to the


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