Fmc Abeokuta Past Questions


General affairs
– what sporting event is currently taking place
– what country is hosting it
– minister of health
– name two ex governors that have just been given jail time for corruption
– when does nigeria usually celebrate democracy day
– what’s the new day starting next time
– what does NAFDAC stand for

– name 5 medical documents that are considered confidential
– give 10 reasons for disciplinary action against a worker in public service

Ectopic pregnancy
Include following!!!!!
It had 4 options
You”ll select true or false
Indication fr csection
-cord prolapse in early labour
Fetal distress in early labour
Two previous csection
And two other options too
Select uretonics
Trisomy 21 features
you could ans it t/f with the options
Causes of upper git bleeding
Malory Weiss
Eosophageal varices
Peptic ulcer
Limb injury treatment procedure
With options listed t/f

1) The following are urological emergencies
– priapism
– acute epididymo-orchitis


*Civil Service:*

1) List 5 Medical Documents that are considered confidential

2) List 10 actions committed by an offender that will lead to a disciplinary action(s) in the public service

*General Questions:*
1) What sports competition is currently being played?

2) Who’s the host of the competition?

3) Who’s the Minister of Health in Nigeria?

4) Mention any of the 2 ex governors currently sentenced to a jail term

5a) Since 1999, democracy day is celebrated on ….
5b) From 2019, democracy day will be celebrated on…

6) Full Meaning of NAFDAC


1) The following are associated with Trisomy 21
a) Hypertonia
b) Enlarged tongue
c) Cataract
d) Learning Disability
e) Congenital heart disease

2) The following are routine vaccines
a) Mumps
b) Rotavirus
c) Hib
d) Pneumococcal
e) Men 2A

3) Components of Child Survival Strategy
a) Oral Rehydration Therapy
b) Health Insurance
c) Female Education
d) ???

4) Management of diarrhoea
a) High Osmolar ORS is the fluid preferred
b) Commonest organism is Salmonella
c) Lactose intolerance is involved
d) Food should be avoided to not induce more diarrhoea
e) Magnesium Sulphate plays a role in its management

5) The commonest causes of congestive cardiac failure in children include:
a) Severe bronchopneumonia
b) Asthma
c) TOF
d) ASD
e) VSD

*O and G*

1) About ectopic gestation
a) ART is a risk factor
b) Abdominal pain occurs in almost all cases
c) Medical treatment is a viable option
d) The commonest cause of tubal ectopic is isthmus
e) All are implanted outside the uterus

2) Indications for Emergency CS
a) Cord prolapse in early labour
b) Foetal distress in early labour
c) Any bleeding per vagina in pregnancy
d) 2 previous scars at term
e) Antepartum Eclampsia at term

3) The partograph
a) Pictorial representation of events in pregnancy
b) Pictorial representation of events in labour
c) Graphical representation of events in pregnancy
d) Graphical representation of events in labour
e) None of the above

4) The following are uterotonics
a) Oxytocin
b) Misoprostol
c) Ergometrine
d) Pentazocine
e) Nifedipine


1) In Acute Appendicitis
a) Pain in right Iliac fossa only
b) Usually confused with acute pancreatitis
c) Managed with bed rest and antibiotics
d) Treatment is by emergency appendectomy
e) ???

2) The following are urologic emergencies except:
a) Priapism
b) Founier’s gangrene
c) Acute Epididymoorchitis
d) BPH
e) Urine retention

3) Symptoms of acute osteomyelitis
a) Fever
b) Dehydration
c) Prostration
d) Pain on affected limb
e) History of injury to the limb

4) Treatment of that injured part includes
a) Resting of that injured part
b) Application of ice pack to injured site
c) Elevation of limb above the chest
d) Protection from further injury
e) Analgesics and antibiotics in an open wound

5) The most common cause of upper GI bleeding in Nigeria is
a) PUD
b) Mallory Weiss
c) Gastritis
d) Angiomata
e) Esophageal varices


1) Most common organism in nosocomial infection includes
a) Gram +ve
b) Gram -ve
c) Mycoplasma
d) Virus
e) ???

2) Features of myxedema
a) Hypertension
b) Hypothermia
c) Hypotension
d) Increased pulse rate
e) Reduced pulse rate

3) Symptoms of thyrotoxicosis include
a) Constipation
b) Narrow pulse pressure
c) Wide pulse pressure
d) Acute Abdomen
e) ? Hypertension

4) Adrenergic Features of hypoglycemia include:
a) Seizure
b) Visual disturbances
c) Diaphoresis
d) Focal neurological deficit
e) ????

[6/27, 11:20 PM] ‪+234 817 226 1838‬: *Pediatrics*

6) Causes of unconjugated hyperbilribunemia
a) Prematurity
b) Birth Asphyxia
c) Intrauterine infections
d) ABO incompatibility
e) Hypothyroidism

2) the following about acute appendicitis
– is seen in less than 5yr olds
– pain is only in the right iliac fossa
– it is often confused with acute pancreatitis

1) about ectopic pregnancy
– most commonly occurs in the isthmus
– occurs outside the uterus only
The rest I’ll just give I’m not sure what they came under
The following is
about myxedema
– increased pulse rate
– decreased pulse rate
– hypertension
– hypotension
The following about hyperparathyroidism( not sure if it was just hyperthyroidism )
– wide pulse
– narrow pulse
– constipation
– hypertension
All questions are true or false

The following is  about myxedema
– increased pulse rate
– decreased pulse rate
– hypertension
– hypotension

The following about hyperparathyroidism( not sure if it was just hyperthyroidism )
– wide pulse
– narrow pulse
– constipation
– hypertension
All questions are true or false
The question about urological emergencies was all except
The following about diarrhoea
– the most common cause is salmonella spp.
– hyperosmolar ORT is used
– something about stopping feeding.

The following are causative agents of infections in ICU
– gram positive bacteria
– gram negative bacteria
– mycoplasma
-virological agents

Causes of unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia
– perinatal asphyxia
– prematurity
– ABO incompatibility

They had 3 sets of question which is a General question for mls
Which sport is currently on in Nigeria

Which country is hosting world cup

Name 2 ex governs that were recently jailed for corruption

From 2018,when will democracy day be?
General questions
Who should donate blood to a rhesus incompatible baby
a. The father
b. The mother
c. Any one who is rhesus negative
Which stain is used as supra vital stain

Tissue is fixed to..
a. Avoid putrefaction and autolysis
b. Decalcify


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