Food allergy


Food allergy is when the body’s immune system react to something a person eats or drinks. It is equally an adverse immune response to a food protein.
Allergic responses include dermatitis, G.I and respiratory distress- including such life threatening anaphylactic response as biphasic anaphylaxis and vasodilation which require immediate emergency intervention.
*Causes of food Allergy*
The immune system triggers cells to release anti bodies known as immunoglobin E (IgE) antibodies to neutralize the culprit food or food substance (food allergen). When next time the food is taken even the smallest portion; the IgE sense it and signal the immune system to release chemical called *histamine* as well as other chemical into the blood stream.
Family haller, a past food allergy, Age and asthma are the *risk factors*.
*Classification* are IgE mediated, IgE and /or Non IgE mediated and Non IgE mediated.
*Test of Food Allergy*

Skin prick test

Blood test

Food challenges.

Drug Treatment: Uses of epinephrine, oral antihistamines.

Dietary treatment: Removal of the item that causes allergic reaction and that is known as *elimination or exclusion diet.*
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