Garki Hospital Abuja Examination Questions


Garki Hospital Abuja Examination Questions which was  written on 23/6/2016

1) Most common form of arthritis is?

A. Rheumatoid arthritis

B. Psoriatic arthritis

C. Seronegative arthritis

D. Osteoarthritis

2) Which of the following maneuvers is not used for the management of shoulder dystocia?

A. McRoberts maneuver

B. Suprapubic pressure

C. Woods corkscrew maneuver

D. Mauriceau Smellie Veit maneuver

3) The use of which of the following drugs for the treatment of menorrhagia is not supported by clinical evidence?

A. Tranexamic acid

B. Oral contraceptives

C. Ethamsylate

D. Progesterone only pills

4) An affected male infant born to normal parents could be an example of all of the following, except

A. An Autosomal dominant disorder

B. An Autosomal recessive disorder

C. A polygenic disorder

D. A vertically transmitted disorder

5)A child with recurrent urinary tract infections is most likely to show:

A. Posterior urethral valves

B. Vesicoureteric reflux

C. Neurogenic bladder

D. Renal and ureteric calculi

6) Which of the following is not a feature of complete heart block on the ECG:

a) Constant RR interval

b) Constant PP interval

c) Constant PR interval

d) PP interval shorter than RR interval

7) All are drugs used in the management of status epilepticus except?

A. Diazepam

B. Carbamazepine

C. Thiopentone sodium

D. Phenytoin

8) Most specific marker for neural tube defects is?

A. Alpha-fetoprotein

B. Unconjugated estriol

C. Acetylcholinesterase

D. Pseudocholinesterase

9) Weight gain in pregnancy depends on all except?

A. Smoking

B. Pre pregnancy weight

C. Ethnicity

D. Maternal age

10) Which among the following is most commonly associated with carcinoma cervix?

A. HPV 35

B. HPV 33

C. HPV 18

D. HPV 16

11) Coarctation of aorta is most commonly seen with?




D. Bicuspid aortic valve

12)Most commonly used route for emergency pericardiocentesis in cardiac tamponade is:

A) Left parasternal

B) Right parasternal

C) Apical

D) Subxiphoid

Source : Emeka Nnadi aka Rainbow



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