Happy World Radiography  Day


When the world seemed to be blind

Blind towards human health

An eye was given to them

Whose radiant beam exposes the unimaginable

To see beyond the external

An eye called Radiography

An eye clearer than the eagle’s

Which sees beyond depths

Oh yea Radiography!

The eye of modern medicine

Many think of us as machine operators

Some says it’s about radio station

While others says you are similar to Geography

Misguided as they maybe,

We are more than just that

It is an Art

It is a science

It is a vocation

It is a guardian

It is Radiography

We view

God reveals

We set the pace

Others follows

We radiate

Many have tasted the wonders of thy myth

Others the wonders of thy destructive power

All in a bid to make life better

We are an important part of the medical team
Radiography truly cares!
We are inseparable with equipment
For we are joined in occupational matrimony
It is our occupational companion
Where we carry out special care
A special care called “Quality Assurance”

We are protectors

We are care givers

We are innovative

We are energetic

We are life savers

We are Radiographers!

The future lies in the past

The past which was handed over to us

Together, we move the profession unto its zenith.


It is world Radiography day, a day that marks the remembrance of our existence, a day that marks our contributions to the wellbeing of lives.

Therefore show love to any Radiographer around you.

Proudly Radiographers!


✍🏽✍🏽Usiagu Chuks and Prince Nnaemeka


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