Hierarchy of Doctors


Well, now that I’ve mentioned all the staffs that work in a hospital…..

Let me teach all of you the Hierarchy of Doctors:

1) House officers: These are the house boys (like me, lolzz). They are the first to be exposed to patients (even Ebola patients, lolzz), they are the ones that sleep in the hospital when on call. They are the ones that the registrars, nurses and other foooools always love to vent their frustration on…. And we swallow that bitter pill for one full year, before we swallow another NYSC pill for another year

2) REGISTRARS: During or after nysc, we write exams (primaries) to be admitted into our specialties of choice (we’ll talk about that later), when we pass, we become registrars, under the supervision of a senior registrar, here we learn the basic specialty work for 2-3years (normally) before we write a tough!!! exam (part 1 fellowship) to become senior registrars

3) SENIOR REGISTRARS: Once we pass, we become senior registrars, here we are directly under consultants, we can even deputize for them!! We do mainly research work, which we would present as a thesis in our part 2 fellowship exams to become consultants

4) CONSULTANTS: Hmmm, once you’re a consultant, you are an authority anywhere in Nigeria (maybe that’s why these johesuites want to enjoy the privilege, na beans??). Your decision on a patient is final, nobody can argue with you, except a fellow consultant!!!


Diary of a Medical Doctor….stay tuned

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