Hills internship hussle Experience

My story is somewhat short but surely as mood destabilising as most delays encountered by those who wait to do what they love. Even before I graduated I had thought about how easy and effortless my search for internship placement would be,

I was pretty sure about starting within three months of graduating. First interview at fmc Asaba was too good to be true, and it was. Second interview at Parklane seemed promising until the rumors involving 150k plus “upgrading scores” surfaced. I was not particularly surprised, I mean it was the East after all. Third interview was at National hospital Abuja, I read, prayed and read and read and prayed over and over for every moment. About 400+ Doctors sat for the written, only 100 was short-listed for the Orals. I was among the fortunate 100. The orals was uneventful. Then came the waiting and rumors, anxiety and dysthymia overcame me. About 2 months later I got a text, congrats! Just that! From where?! National! Then came the official positive response! I am an intern by the grace of God!



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