For those that will be going for UNTH interview,  we are bringing to your notice that there is an affordable and comfortable hotel where you can lodge. 
This hotel is  located at Market Garden GRA Enugu which is very close to UNTH park where you can easily enter bus leading to UNTH. The UNTH Park is at Old Park. The GRA being talked of is close to the Market Garden around CBN. 
We have the following prices *4000,* *4,500*, *5000,* *6000*

, and as higher and more comfortable as you want.
 The maximum number to stay in a room is two but there will be a grace of one more person.
 You can book before your arrival and you will be picked up from park on your arrival or as well pay on the  day of your arrival but you still need a hotel reservation to avoid disappointment for more enquiries and booking…. 
PLEASE CONTACT ANY OF THE ADMINS with the following data. 

1. Your name(s) :Remember it is maximum of 3, minimum of 1 in a room. So, if you will be staying alone, indicate as you talk to any of  the admins. If you will be staying in 2’s or 3’s …. Do well to send the names of the persons you will be staying with.
You can stay singly, in 2’s or in 3’s. 
2. Also attach your phone numbers to the names. 
3. Indicate the room you want to be reserved for you according to the price of the rooms per night. 

Is it 4000, 4,500, 5000, 6000 naira only.
NB:Contact any of the admins for enquiries, bookings and reservations. …. not just one person to enhance the speed
-Mary-Doris Nwandu(Bosslady)  07033426782

-Ijeoma Akogwu(Ejecks)  07062631043

-Adekoya Ackorede(Tonasibe)  08072804515

-Emeka Ekeh(Emoney)  08065011429

-Promise Okeke(Doctopreneur)  08169210470

-Anthonio Dela Vega 08060693882.

-Nick 0802758 8312


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