How An F Grade Suddenly Turned To B Grade.A Mama Jesus Story.



Unique Blessing.

A MAMA JESUS STORY(True life story)

Do you have friends who believe in your abilities more than you do?If yes,this story is for you.If no,you can learn one or two lessons.

Stay with me.

The testimony I shared yesterday was inspired by the experience my younger one was passing thru.It made me recall what I passed thru.

Below is her short story.

Her name is Unique Blessing Chinazom Okeke(a.k.a Mama Jesus).The only biological sister God gave to me and only daughter of our parents.

She is an undergraduate in the Department of English and Literary Studies,University of Benin.She is currently in 400level,first semester. Last year,she sat for her second semester exams amidst challenges(not for public consumption).But she managed to finish the exams.

We were at home towards the end of last year when she made me know that her results were out.But to her disappointment,she saw what she never expected=====an ‘F’ in one of her courses known as Romantic Poetry.She accepted her failure in that course, and right there we started discussing on how she should start preparing for that course early (as carry over),so that she won’t get choked up in her final year.

She went back to school on resumption ,and opened up to her friends and classmates how she failed that particular course known as ‘Romantic Poetry’. Her friends told her ‘You cannot fail that course’.No, you can’t. They do call her ‘Mama Jesus’ in class.They continued to talk to her saying ‘have you forgotten all the mini projects you did in that course?,have you forgotten how you read for that course?,have you forgotten that we did 42 poems? can you read all that as carry over?have you forgotten you always attended the lecturer’s class? they kept talking to her and pushing her to make a move of finding out what happened.That was when her eyes got opened to the fact that she just couldn’t have failed this Romantic Poetry of a course. She quit herself like a man and summoned courage.

Her classmates advised her NEVER to go alone to the course lecturer who happened to also double as the H.O.D of that Department. So,the lecturer of that course was also the H.O.D.

By this time,she has called home for prayers…which commenced immediately.

Mama Jesus listened to the counsel of her classmates who told her to meet another lecturer who is close to this Professor Olu,the course lecturer and H.O.D. She met this lecturer and narrated her ordeal with him, assuring him that she couldn’t have failed that course after her labour. The lecturer vouched for her and said “you ??it’s a lie,you can’t fail that course… He advised her not to go to Professor’s office alone but to meet her course adviser for 300level and she’ll go with her to Prof’s office.

Her course adviser(a woman) took up the matter personally because she knew Mama Jesus’ ability and punctuality to her courses. Her course adviser looked for the result sheet in that course and told Mama Jesus that there was no exam score for her in the result sheet.She further went ahead to reveal that there were many OKEKES in her class and that was the cause of the confusion, hence no score for her on the result sheet and as a result she was given an F.

That same day,they(Mama Jesus and her course advicer) approached the course lecturer’s office but he was not on seat.The next day,they met the course lecturer in his office. The course adviser(a woman) narrated why they came. The lecturer pointed to a stack of almost 600 scripts lying in his office—they should search for her exam script. This her course adviser gently started searching for Mama Jesus script. She asked for her class attendance number,mama Jesus told her.Course adviser discovered that Mama Jesus was P1(first person on the class attendance list for that course). And soon enough, her exam script was found========and they realized she had a ‘B’ in the course. OH MY GOD!!!!

Come on!Do you know the shock??? The relief alone?? The Joy ??? Is this not the finger of the Lord?Indeed it is.To God who lifted that load from her be glory,honour,power,Majesty for ever and ever.Amen!


1.She doubted her ability to pass that course perhaps due to the circumstances that surrounded her when she sat for the exam.Stop doubting your ability my friend…especially when you have a big God by yourside.

2.She accepted her fate immediately without thinking twice.Most times, we don’t have to accept whatever life presents to us without a fight. When life gives you Lime,try to make a Limca drink out of it. Take sometime to think deep and if it’s a situation you can do something about,then DO SOMETHING !

3.She opened up to her mates.She didn’t choose to hide her problems.She talked out.She didn’t bottle it up.As they say ‘Problem shared is half solved when you share it with the right people’. Fortunately, she had the right people around her.

4.Ordinarily, her mates/friends should have laughed/mocked her but God took control and used them to rewire her thinking.Her friends and classmates saw the best in her, pushed her to go and get that best she deserved. Those friends are good friends. Let us surround ourselves with friends who see the best in us even when we think worse of ourselves.Let us surround ourselves with meaningful friends ready to lift our spirits when we are down.

5.She depended on God to help her.She called home and close friends to start interceding for her while she embarks on her Result-Finding Journey. God already was on a fast lane, going before her to make the way clear for the journey.

6.When her eyes of understanding was opened,she accepted the push from her friends.She took a bold step and made the move for victory. She wasn’t timid or scared of her course lecturer who happens to be the H.O.D and professor of the department. Be bold as a Lion because the Lion Of Judah is with you. A lion cannot birth a sheep.Impossicant!

7.The first lecturer she met vouched for her.He knows her.’You can’t fail that course’ he said.Her course adviser also stood her ground for her.Can anyone vouch for you? God vouched for Abraham. God boasted about Abraham.He said ‘I know Abraham,that he will command his household to serve me’. You can only vouch or boast about someone if that person has integrity !Be a person of integrity and even your enemies will defend you in your absence.

8.Lastly,this whole story especially from when her mates started pushing her till the end only lasted for less than 48hours.When God starts a thing,when his hand is involved, it will happen in such a fast way that you can’t understand when God has ended the thing.

Friend,don’t give up!


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