Intern Job Selection : Mistakes To Avoid


Intern jobs at a teaching hospital is the dream of all nigerian intern job seekers. They all want to work where they will be making hefty pay without realizing the expensive cost of that decision. Intern jobs are usually seen as a launching pad for most young interns.They all see it as an opportunity to make so much money and would wait for months just to get the jobs in a federal government hospital. Most will want to wait for months and even up to sm

Most will want to wait for months and even up to a year just to get a high paying job. This is where most interns miss it.They fail to realized that every second that passes is a part of their life that has been wasted if it was not utilized to achieve anything. Young interns waiting for jobs must realize that life is wasted in seconds and not in years. Why wait for intern jobs at high paying federal institutions and miss greater opportunities that finishing your service will bring you. Intern jobs are easy to find but most of the approved locations are ignored because the young interns are placing immediate gratification over accelerated advancement in life.Nothing should you from moving very fast along the path of your destiny.


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