Internship Hussle Experience


Internship Placement Hunt taught me a lot of things but one thing stood out that we’ve all got our own timing.
I got placement exactly one year after I qualified as a Doctor.
Seemed all my classmates had connections, the right one at that.
Getting a locum was even difficult 🤷🏾‍♂. Who did I offend in my previous life?
I had a Job while in school but found it difficult to land one after graduation. I never felt “connectionless” like that in my entire life.
I would have lost my sanity at some point but for the treasure I stumbled upon.

It was as if I trusted God but He was busy helping those that didn’t trust him as much as I did, 😕at least that’s what I thought.
However, I held on to that *treasure*.
I got placement in a center I never imagined I would be.
Till date almost everyone still believe I got the placement with connection. 🤔I guess they right, I did get it with connection but not the one they are thinking.
The treasure:
Lord , you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure.
Psalm 16:5 NIV
In the end *God’s timing* is the still the best. It might be difficult and exhausting but you hang in there.
PS: A friend of mine was in the hunt for 6 years😌. I guess he’s learnt a lot about patience

By Dr Levison


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