Internship Hustle Story


It all started in April 2018 after defending my project, induction didn’t take place till Aug 2018.

First internship interview was UCTH in Sept 2018, I was pumped, of course it’s my state( so I thought), my relations were giving me all form of assurance, don’t worry we know CMD. 1st list nothing, dont worry the next list your name must be there, 2nd list nothing, 3rd list nothing, that has been the most painful one, as I almost cried(na there I know say khaki no be leather.)

Next stop FMC Yenagoa, mingled with friends, wrote the exam, nothing come out no problem.

After that NDUTH Bayelsa, after paying 50k to pay the balance after getting the space, yet to no avail.

Then BMSH (RSUTH) Port Harcourt, submit at Ministry and wait for text for interview, I didn’t get text message went for the interview and saw that they only called indigenes.

Didnt know anyone at FMC Asaba, still went for the exam and immediately after the exam I just knew I wasn’t going to get, it just had to be by connect or cash.

Also didn’t know anyone at UUTH Uyo, after their delay in other to allow there own students to induct and write with us, exam day after keeping us and telling us useless stories, still didn’t get. By this time I was already used to the whole disappointment shit.

Really thought NDUTH Bayelsa the 2nd coming 😅, was going to be it, after all, almost all of my mates had gotten, some were even rounding up. I thought, this is it. After exams they took only 15 indigenes out of crowd.

Then i reluctantly applied for Chevron Clinic Warri. I never expected it.
I got an email to come for the exam, travelled down, nice place, security checks, A.C hall, we were supposed to be 24, only 18 showed up and we were told only 2persons will be taken 😱. “If you dont get a message by tomorrow to come for employment dont bother coming back”. So we were told.

17months after defense,13months after induction, many failed promises, many disappointments, lots of travels, lots money spent on transport, hotel bills, miscellaneous expenses and I’m still on the campaign trail.

That’s my summarized Internship hustle.


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