Internship Openings In LUTH


Qualified candidates are invited to apply for the following  positions in. LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL LAGOS STATE.


  1.  Medicine and Surgery 
  2.  Pharmacy 
  3.  Medical Laboratory Science
  4.  Dental Houseofficers
  5.  Dental Technology 
  6. Dental Therapy 
  7. Dietetics 
  8. Nursing 
  9.  Physiotherapy 
  10. Radiography 

­čö╣Curriculum Vitae.

­čö╣Certificate or Letter of Local Government of Origin.


­čö╣FSLC cert

­čö╣WAEC cert

­čö╣Degree Cert or Statement of result 

­čö╣Birth Certificate 

­čö╣3 Recommendation letters


Photocopies of other relevant Documents.

Official form fee: N5000
Official Deadline – Friday 31st July, 2017
Very Important information

 LUTH internship is like a glorified Ponzi Scheme.
They will collect your money, type exam questions  for you to write and  they will not publish results till 12mnths after…..then after 12 months, they will paste the results and by then you would have been 6 or 7 months into your internship else where. Of course you won’t leave 6 months to waste. When LUTH then sees nobody shows up, she will smile upsidedown and then puts out another advert!

And the cycle continues…

How can can somebody be extorting money from young people who do not have money and you want still give them placement´╝č

Why would you defraud fresh graduates of N5000 only to pick frm the back door? I think the  advert shouldnt then be necessary, not to talk of the 5k being inclusive…  

Ooh last year Remitta payment was actually 3k and suddenly there is an increase to 5k and lastly results of the interns who wrote last year is not  yet out after postponing their Interview while interns were already on their way to luth for the Interview before finally writing the Interview . Written by a

Concerned Intern.

Best Wishes!!!



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