Isaac’s Internship Hustle Story.


December 17th, 2015, I dropped pen after writing my last paper.hopes were high as to what the future holds, everyone were looking forward to induction the next year but it all ended in a fiction,my school had crisis, school was shut not until late August 2016. Then my faculty started their own play like induction didn’t take place till Jan 27th 2017.

My first internship interview was in my school teaching hospital (upth), though I knew I wouldn’t be taken as these give preference to indigines, just went there for going sake.

Then came ubth, I went for the interview,to my greatest surprise,oh mehn no exam oo.. just answer your name and get annoying, My old lady assured that I will get since she knows a doc that attends the same church. A month later, the list was out, no trace of Charles Isaac Ebong, that day, I was in my place of locum, just managed to hold back my tears.

Third interview was at ucth, that was in april,this hospital get mind collect 5k for form.. the exam started around 4pm.. just imagine. Two days later,I was linked to one guy that works in ucth, he claimed to be related to the CMD,he gave me serious hope that I love get there if only I could bring 130k..

I immediately paid him, I was so anxious, time was ticking. By May, first list came out, my name was absent, I called him to know what sup..he gave all sorts of excuses.. Isaac was still expectant. Second and third list came, no trace of my then dawned on me that I entered into the wrong hands🤦‍♂… I cried my life out.

The next interview was uuth,coupled with the fact that my mum knew some persons there and I also came from that state gave some level of assurance that I’ll get placement, but it turned out to be a mirage, there’s nothing as so painful and disappointing when your own state of origin denice you of placement. The interview was in June.

My next interview was@ Fmc keffi, never been to the north before I summoned up courage to go there, left Port Harcourt by 10am,gat to nasarawa state by 11am.. many thanks to my sweet friend that accommodated me. I went for the interview the next day..was seriously hoping on merit, not knowing the malignant tumor (if you know you know )has spread to the north.. never heard from them, wasn’t that bothered, just wanted to see life outside pH.

Then came interview at eko hospital at August,oh mehn! those people harsh die,see questions, under one hr, did my best.. the next day I got a text message to come for oral interview,they asked me both clinal questions and every every.. infact if you don’t know anyone after the written interview,ogbeni! you’re sleeping on a sweeping pool, Still on the matter,5k was involved for form.

Then came HMB Delta, there’s nothing my uncle did not tell assuring me that I ll get there that he knows one senator, I collected the contact, after the interview, I called the woman senator, she kept on assuring me, I kept on hoping like kilode, First and second list came out,no show.. out of annoyance I deleted her number,chai was so sad, desperate,alot of things on my mind,at times I would be indoors through out, thinking, that was in Nov, about 80 percent of my colleagues have already settled down doing internship,kai! I no fit cry, I just dey reason my life.

In the month of December, 2017 I attended two interviews,Nauth,at nnewi, had no connection there, just went, wrote and came back, and prayed seriously to get, I didn’t get there, maybe I wasn’t destined to work there. I then travelled to Lagos to attend an interview at orthopedic hospital,igbobi, before we started they told us that it’s based on merit (who are they trying to deceive).. I didn’t even hear from them, infact that was my third time of traveling to Lagos for interview in 2017 considering all the transport, expenses and accommodation,twas so depressing, but I didn’t give up, infact my boss at my place of locum told me to stop working, I guess she wasn’t comfortable with my frequent take off for interview (who cares🤷‍♂).

In February, 2018, I made up my mind to relocate to lagos since I’ll see many opportunities. I got to Lagos in Feb 11, the next day day I started submitting applications at various pharmacies of which one was at alpha pharmacy,was hoping to get there since I did locum at their Port Harcourt branch,omo! I didn’t even get text message to come for interview, I called a month after only to hear that they’ve taken interns,was so paranoid.. I equally applied to various companies, those ones are so annoying, your applications ends at their security post mtcheew, despite all these, I told myself that I wasn’t going to settle for less, Two pharmacies called me to resume, when I heard what they were going to pay me,local man could not finally can, when he heard the amount,he lost all abilities to can😭😭, and that was how I gave up on community pharmacy

I also applied@ nafdac though I didn’t wanted to apply, a colleague forced to, which I eventually did.. went for the interview, the pass mark,was 16, I scored 15,chai I no fit vex.

In June 2018, My old lady called and told me to apply@ uuth, this same uuth that denied me, placement, I refused to apply, after begging and pleading, I eventually applied.. travelled down to uyo to write, on the day of the interview,saw many of my colleagues that came, infact, my immediate younger set and another set that was recently inducted, wetin concern me, I no just send, till today, haven’t heard from them, wasn’t surprised, na their way.

Then in July 2018, I applied at health service commission, Lagos State, through a pharmacist that we both attend the same church, infact she was God’s sent, she took me to Lagos island to apply, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to write with this particular batch since the interview was on the next day, I no send, the dude came for the interview the next day.. didn’t get any congratulatory text from them, I still believed God.
On the 9th, Nov 2018.. I got a text from them for an interview, I went there and participated.. She kept on assuring me that I’ll get there..Two weeks later, I’ll was called.. I couldn’t hold the tears, I was just laughing and crying.. I return all the Glory to God… just keep on believing in God.

In all I spent,22 months in search for placement.. delay is never a denial


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