Radiographer 1: All these pharmacists for Irrua😳🤔

Pharm k: Hmmm!! 128 against 5 slots.May the best succeed Goodluck to them all😭😭

Pharm ocha: This shit is real

Pharm c‬: My brother the issue is Annoying.

I wonder if its a crime to wake up one morning and say i want to study one of this medical courses.

Dr N: Ijecks..Which list is this please?

Dr N: That irrua hospital seems to be a very big hospital o!!

Ijecks laughing and rolling on the floor but no I did not Laugh to his face. I actually laughed on my bed. 

Ok my thoughts and Analysis based on last year internship /housemanship interview and with the help of one cute someone like that. 

This is what we have at hand  (No of  applicants this year) 

Doctors– 237

Pharm interns -128 

Radiography -approx. 60 candidates

Medlab-????? But trust me they come in their numbers like  stars in the sky 😂😂😂😂😂😂.I guess they are still compiling their list. 

Based on Irrua’s  Interview last year as regards the number of slots available and on  the number of 

Interns/Houseofficers they  took

Doctors– The first batch of doctors (20) all graduated from Ambrose Alli University. The 2nd batch was not less than 40  and let me remind you that we were still in the time of boom a lil as at last year.Now in this great recessive period where all the Chief Medical directors are now great managers.What do you think? 

      So using 60 as a yardstick as against 237 doctors  who would be traveling from all over the States in Nigeria Nope country cause some states look like  countries as regards the distance 😅 endangering their lives on the way  for about 50 slots.

Haba !!!!! Irrua give us small  hope na. I was actually giving an estimate but someone decided to correct me .

Thanks for the correction. 

‘In his voice

Ijecks,I think you should confirm your info before placing it on a forum like this,saying ISTH took not less than 60 house officers last year is a slap on the face of the roughly 40 house officers who broke their backs this past year there. 

And also,maybe you can write on the iPob list Eastern hospitals release too because ISTH takes interns from all parts of the country.issorai 😂😂 . 

Please ISTH should prove me wrong. 

Ooh and for Pharm 

   Available slot last year was 10 but i heard they might pick 15 but what is 15 slots or 10 slots going to do in the lives of 128 pharmacist interns?


I heard only 6 was  picked last year but they may increase it to 10 .

Medlab – approx. 30 were picked as at last year.



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