Latest update on Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba.


Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba came into existence on October 31, 1907 when the hospital was set up as an asylum under the British Colonial rule.The first batch of 48 inmates were admitted in a disused Nigeria Railway Building in Yaba.
Over the years, the hospital has witnessed four developmen

tal stages. The first stage, (1907  1950) was purely asylum state. The function of the hospital was custodial i.e. keeping the mentally ill away from the society. During this period, there were padded cells and drugs such as paraldehyde, mist alba etc were prescribed by the doctors and administered by the asylum attendants. There were no nurses, no beds and beddings, no uniform and no form of psychiatric treatment. 

The federal Neuropsychiatric  hospital yaba whose interview was  fixed for 31st July and  Tuesday Aug 1 2017. 9am for medical laboratory and pharmacy interns respectively at Psychotherapy Hall, Fed Neuro Psychiatric Hosp Yaba has been postponed.Our source told us that 

They were saying some things like, we got a call from Abuja to….  just nonsense sha. We even had to interview some interns there with many questions. 

 He said they’re done since June, but a Kinda punctuality punishment caused them extra month. Finally done this July sha.


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