Likely Questions for Prospective Medical Interns



1) Which of the following signs and symptoms indicate salicylate toxicity?

a) Chest pain

b) Pink coloured urine

c) Slow pulse rate

d) Ringing in ears



2) Dopamine deficiency results in,

a) Alzheimer Disease

b)Muscular Dystrophy

c) Multiple Sclerosis

d) Parkinson’s Disease



3) Which of the following STD causes foetal abnormality?

A) Herpes

B) Hepatitis

C) Gonococci

D) Syphilis



4) Sulphones are useful in the treatment of:

A) tuberculosis

B) syphilis

C) leprosy

D) tetanus



5) Which vitamin is called as “Beauty vitamine”

A) Vit K

B) Vit D

C) Vit C

D)Vit E



6) Peg cell are seen in?

A) Vagina

B) Vulva

C) Ovary

D) Uterine tube



7) A client receiving rifampicin should be taught that the effect of the drug could cause;

A) Reddish orange color of urine, saliva and sputum

B) Eighth cranial nerve damage

C) Brain deformity

D) Vestibular dysfunction



8) The choice of drug for treatment of alcoholism is

A) Disulfiram

B) Acyclovir

C) Haloperidol

D) Clonidine

Feel free to drop your answers in the comment box.



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