Lucrative Medical Business Ideas For Healthcare Professionals


Non Emergency Medical Transport Services:

Emergency medical transport services are healthcare services dedicated for out-of-hospital medical care through the emergency transport & treatment of patients in critical need to reach hospitals as soon as possible.

Since regulations make it difficult for just anyone to offer emergency medical transport services, non emergency medical transport services are then exploitable opportunities. You could offer these services without paramedic care, by positioning your brand as a partner with several hospitals to get non critical clients to the hospitals as soon as possible.

Some ways to do this is through an air ambulance system, road ambulance system, and several other non emergency transportation means.

Before you take-off, first verify what is required of you to operate in the industry, so you don’t get to be on the wrong side of the law and lose your valuable investments.

Egg And Sperm Bank:

A sperm bank or egg bank is a facility that collects and stores human sperm and eggs. These sperms and eggs are usually provided by donors, and are used on ladies that have difficulties getting pregnant.

Everywhere in the world, the number of women with birth defects run into millions. The predicament largely not their faults, has created an industry that generates billions of dollars yearly.

By running a sperm bank that offers their services together with artificial insemination, you could solve a large problem in your country by helping ladies with difficulties getting pregnant without a sperm donor.

The same applies with egg donation. This works by the facility freezing eggs donated till a patient who needs them turns up.

Providing these services could help millions of women become mothers and also grow you a sustainable business.

Medical Waste Disposal:

Healthcare professionals have an obligation to dispose waste in the most efficient ways that would protect both the public and the environment. These wastes; largely hospital wastes, have difficulties being handled properly, because of the sensitive nature of their causes or potential effects.

Taking advantage of this by offering a medical waste disposal (inclusive of biomedical waste management or disposal) service to various hospitals can land you a great deal for a potential large business.

Aerobics Centre:

Aerobic centres are places where people carry out rigorous exercises designed to increase cardiovascular efficiency. They cater majorly to people with weight issues, cardiovascular problems, and also people who need to undergo rigorous physiotherapy sessions.

Some hospitals usually do have aerobic centres, but a large population of hospitals refer their patients to places they can carryout aerobic activities.

You can start up an aerobic centre close to a government hospital, and seek the recommendation of the doctors. Asides taking advantage of the patient base as clients, you can also promote the centre through social awareness means and other strategic partnerships.

Fitness Centre:

Fitness centres are places with various exercise equipments people use to workout, in other to build various muscles in their bodies or to also burn fat. People flock them on weekdays and majorly on weekends to keep fit and equally build a great physique.

You can tap into the fitness community by building a fitness centre where people would pay a certain sum monthly, weekly, or daily, to maintain their gym membership and also make personal training requests when they can’t always make it to the gym.

Home Care Services

Home care services are provided by licensed healthcare professionals to people who require special care, directly at their homes. Depending on the country, you may require a licence or not, to run a home care service.

Home care agencies generally help adults, the senior citizens, and others, who require additional care at home without unnecessary hospitalisation.

As a certified healthcare professional, you could run a home care assistance service to help people in need of close care and attention, but don’t have anyone around to care for them.

The medical supplies service in the healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative parts to venture into. Many hospitals require constant supply of some medical utilities like syringes, and a lot more. Some also require supply of medical devices & equipments once in a while, and these equipments could run into millions of Naira.

By building a networked relationship with the procurement officers of various hospitals, you can let them know of your medical supply chain business and how you can ensure they never run out of any medical item they need constantly in stock.

Weight Loss Management

Weight loss is one of the biggest sectors in the healthcare industry. In America alone, the obese state of the citizens is getting alarming, while in Nigeria, many ladies worry about their over-weight status and are looking for every means to shed some weight. To burn off this excess fat, they visit gyms, aerobic centres, and much more in a desperate bid to build their self-confidence through a weight loss program.

You could take advantage of this desperation by setting up a weight loss clinic dedicated solely to helping ladies lose weight. The clinic could span through a lot of services, and must have all the resources required to help anyone shed any excess weight they find troubling, including the sale of effective weight loss pills, creating weight loss diets; especially low carb diets, and a lot more.

Massage Therapy Service:

Massage therapy is a process of manipulating the body tissues, which includes the muscles, ligaments, & joints, to promote and enhance a person’s well being and personal health.

People who experience a great deal of anxiety & stress, want to rehabilitate their injuries and reduce any pain they may be experiencing, are mostly referred by doctors to go for a massage therapy.

Although a much smaller industry, massage therapy can be a great business if run concurrently with spa services and a host of other services that focus on the general wellbeing of an individual.

Mobile Medical Screening:

This is pretty much a mini-health clinic in motion. With a moving medical screening van or some other mobile device, you can provide flu, eyesight, hearing, malaria, and blood sugar tests on the fly.

While this model may not be a norm in Nigeria, it’s growing in the western parts of the world and becoming a business model many venture into.

20 Lucrative Medical Business Ideas For Healthcare Professionals


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