Medical fashion parade  in Ubth


The interview for House officers, medical lab scientists,pharmacists and physiotherapist interns was held yesterday at the ubth auditorium and this was their Report. 

​DrA: No be exam we do for UBTH ooo

 Cmd say make we jst show the  licence

In the cmd s voice  “Raise it up. The two of dem”Chai. Cant they at least change the pattern? Even if its  just 5 questions dey question paper.I came out feeling foolish. If you have a distinction from a state university, you will not be considered They will even make you feel foolish

Intern physiotherapist:They didn’t check anything.. just to sit and ask mumu questions

Pharm b:Them no  even check license and result for our side ooo… Ubth no be am at all

Pharm c: Lol.. Wetin dem do.. Check ya fine faces and Waka.. 😂?

Pharm b: Yap.. Pharm was 162

Pharm c: Only.. 😂😁.. Hope dey 4 una nah

Medlab intern:  Sowi to say this but UBTH interview today is rated by me as the more u look d less u see aka abrakatabra.

 Dr E u for tell me say una don get una list finish so people no go just waste transport fare. How can they just ask one what class of degree do you have and they will not even verify if you actually have the credentials with you. Then next thing is that you can go.

Medlad intern 2 :UBTH interview yesterday was really funny. Imagine CMD calling scores as if it was formation


Choiiii! Where are we moving to in this our country.

Travails of an intern 

But on a very serious note i think we are no longer complaining of medical tourism. Medical fashion parade is now on the increase😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

There’s need for internship to be regulated. Watch this space as we share our different experience.


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