On a final note for today’s dose of motivaquine, I want to encourage specifically those seeking for internship.
I know you have spent a lot travelling across the country; North, West, South and East, always on the road taking risks just to meet up with this phase of life to advance further, but each time, the result leaves you in despair.

I attended 10 internship interviews and travelled across the geopolitical zones in Nigeria in search of internship, and I realized that things happen to us for us to have the best of what we want. It does not matter how long it takes before it eventually comes, what matters is your persistence and patience while waiting.
Don’t loose friendships you have built with people over the years because of internship. It is just a one year program. Life continues after that. The friendships you have now can be the gateway to your greatness tomorrow. If a friend gets internship before you, rejoice with him/her for yours is on the way so you can be celebrated also in due time.

Where there is life, hope abounds. Never give frustration a chance. Put on your full armour of persistence, patience, hardwork and prayers and you shall overcome this phase of life!

Chuks Usiagu lily


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