NHA Pharmacy questions 2019 MCQ


1. Use of pregabalin
2. Brand of esomeprazole ( Nexium )
3. Alternative for Lipitor ( e.g Cristor)
4. Calculation of selling price using Mark – up
5. Calculation of % concentration %w/v and %w/w
6. Unit dose calculations. In fact just practice all d dispensing calculations esp compounding.
7. Levigation
8. Trituration
9. Use of ondarsetron
10. Tetracycline use in pregnancy.
11. Use of Keppra ( levetiracetan)
12. Drugs safe in pregnancy e.g Penicillins
13. Prophylaxis with anti tetanus
14. Examples of antiplatelets e.g dypiridamol, clopidogrel, vassoprin
15. Examples of protease inhibitors e.g ritonavir
16.Drugs that can not be used in asthma e.g isoproterenol
it’s MCQ .


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