Nigerian Prospective Medical Interns Launches a Web Community

A New Community for Students and Post Graduate Medical Interns .




The desire to establish a safe haven and
secure the future, has been one of the driving
forces behind human existence. Sadly, it is
well known in science, that “to every action,
there is an equal and opposite reaction”
, that is
to say, humans in every part of their endeavour,
will continue to face challenges, some almost
persecutory in nature, that seeks to drive the
human mind to rot, and ensure extinction at all cost.

A battle between good and evil. This
never ending battle, exists as subforms in
every area of our lives, our profession, some
so infinitesimal it is undetectable. A part of
this higher struggle, exists in our health system
today, with so many agencies and
communities fighting against extinction, a
battle, the nigerian prospective medical interns
has spear headed.

The NPMI community has taken the centre
stage in the fight to alleviate the suffering of
young medical interns looking for placement
by introducing online and physical campaigns
in the past, to create public awareness, and
also deliver interview openings to people’s
mobile phones via their ever increasing blog,
whatsapp groups, telegram etc. Another
important functionality they invented, is the
eparcel service, which seeks to reduce the
incidence of road accidents as prospective
interns travel day in day out on the pathetic
Nigerian roads, to submit applications (not
even the interview yet). Now you can sit at the
comfort of your home, and NPMI delivers for
you. So many testimonies abound. This brings
us to the bigger fish in play.
There has been yearnings by NPMI to create a bigger community, to bridge the gap between
undergraduate medical students and already
established professionals, with the internship
struggle sandwiched by the two above, so
there’ll be a steady and smooth transition from
been a student to a professional. It has been a
much needed development, as currently, no
such community abounds in Nigeria online,
exclusively for the medical society.

This is why NPMI has created the first ever medical
forum website in Nigeria to cater adequately,
for such needs. With this online forum, the
following have been achieved:

1. Create a social meeting place for medical

2. Create a platform for continuous help in
transition from the grassroots to the top of
your career

3. Ensure a steady flow of information from
different quarters in every profession.

4. Create a simple and modern forum design

5. Have fun while at it.
The features of the forum include but are not
limited to
§ A profile page for every user with important
info like biodata, profession etc. Also allows
you to have a display picture and cover
image just like facebook.
§ Friend request capabilities and you can also
follow a member without been friends
§ Notifications while on the forum about
recent happenings.
§ Ability to subscribe to a comment or post or
§ Create groups for specific purposes like
facebook, invite members to join, create
topics and have fun
§ Users can also upload their resumes into
their profiles and set it as private or public.

Advantage when you need to submit app for
eparcel. Admin can then go ahead and
download your resume and application for
submission, as aimple as that.
§ Users can upload images etc
§ Play around with news feeds and a new
feature “activity streams”. See what others
are saying or doing at a glance.
§ Private chat members in ther inbox.
§ Tabs for settings … And so much more
Having said so much, less will be believed if
there is no visual proof! Head on to the NPMI
community at and
experience the magic of a new community
designed to serve you.

Article by:
Atte, Nicolas MBBS, PMP.



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