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Vengeance: a wild fire!

Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni

We shall be looking at Vengeance as a follow up to our discussion in the last edition. This is not mere repetition or overemphasis on the subject matter.
In life,once you start losing in your mind – losing your temper,your joy,your peace,sense of self worth, you may end up losing all.
In as much as we can’t avoid dealing with human beings, we can’t avoid offences. They must surely come. And how you handle them when they come determines what becomes of you at the end of time.

If you must maximize the blessedness and resourcefulness of human relationships, then you must be able to develop the capacity to handle offences.

The first key to handle offences is not to try to stop them
because you can’t help help them some times. Also, you don’t try to change the offender because you can’t expect to change a human being you didn’t create. The first thing is to work on your MIND – your temper and your emotions. Although, it may not be easy most times to hold back your temper especially when the offence is coming from somebody you least expected and in a way you least expected. But no matter what and who is involved, NEVER LOSE YOU TEMPER!

No matter how bad you were back stabbed, betrayed, backbitten, disappointed and hurt so far in life, don’t take it too serious to allow it stay more than a moment in your heart.

First, be consoled by the fact that it takes somebody standing at your back to stab or bite you at the back. Anybody that back stabbed you is invariably still behind you in mind and in life irrespective of how old the person is, and how much he seems to have achieved in life. It is only people who are still far backward in their thinking that gossip, backbite and back stab others.

There are times we may not be able to hold back our emotions and we may react. We can be hurt at times…yeah! But however, no matter how pained you are when you are back stabbed, don’t fall back at the offender in revenge because you may end up falling on the same “knife” that stabbed you and may even get more injured. Instead, fall forward because that’s where you are going in destiny.

Don’t even cry for people to see your tears. Just help yourself to heal up anyhow and continue the journey as if nothing happened.

Now, vengeance is a wild fire that burns the “offended” before the “offender”. And achieving your dreams in the midst of the betrayals and disappointments is the best vengeance.
Vengeance takes your attention away from your dreams to people’s offences and your life will then be controlled by people’s actions. This is one of the ways people get distracted and begin to fight the wrong battles.

To optimize your yield in all of your pursuits in life, you must focus on your dreams and not people’s deeds. You have to build a better “shock absorber” and expand the size of your “offense bin”. Be prompt to dispose all offences in ” fast flowing rivers ” – a heart that is constantly irrigated by love and forgiveness.

Please note that forgiveness helps the “offended” more than the “offender”.
You cannot carry somebody’s offence in his heart but yours. Unforgiveness makes you too heavy to run as fast as you can in the pursuit of your dreams. Remember, nobody can hurt you without your permission!

Remain blessed!

I remain your own,
Emmanuel Oghenekaro Eyafimoni


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